Some Iconic Logo Design Inspiring The Creative Spirit In You

Some Iconic Logo Design Inspiring The Creative Spirit In You

A logo is nor simply a symbol or sign, rather it has a story or message in it. We all have the likeness find out something subtle in any concept. Similarly, every brand face has a hidden message in it which can be very intricately depicted by the professional logo designers to give the brand the extra appeal that can entice audience easily. The logos do not allow a lot of space or room to describe your business specialty as a nuance. You can't implement too many elements as this can make the look messy and confusing. Hence a logo must convey what you do in an implicit way yet conveying the message in it loud and clear.

Let me make the thing easy for you here is a list of some of the most popular brands that will help your creative juices flow and enable to understand the concept of hidden story behind. The internationally famous logos like FedEx, Sony Vaio, Formula 1, Amazon, Le Tour de France and Toblerone, all have meticulous use of color, concept and negative space.

FedEx – this logo was created in the 1994 and the bold colors orange and purple made it popular among the target audience but the specialty was the forward pointing arrow symbol creatively created between the alphabet “E” and “X” in the logo, implying they are always on a go to reach the consignments to their clients and customers.

Sony Vaio - this one is a prominent example of hidden meaning or story as it is very smartly crafted. It is a superb combination of analog and digital technology in one, where V and A denote an analog wave, I and O denote binary from the world of computer or digital significance. Whereas logo of Formula 1 is not so diverse yet very attractive, The bold shape of F and the red flag like pattern implies speed and you can see it as one when you see the negative space.

Le Tour de – This one looks so unusual yet so clearly conveys the meaning to the people and it has two subliminal messages. We can see a cyclist in the logo easily the second yellow colored circle denotes that some phases of the race take place only during daytime. The letters T, O, and U, represent the bike too.

Toblerone - It began in Bern, Switzerland by the Jean Tobler and the logo is combination “Tobler” and “Torrone” which is Italian means honey and almond nougat. This implies the rich taste of the chocolate. The white bear hidden in the shape of the mountain is also done by the use of negative space in the logo design.

These excellent examples must have filled you with different ideas for your or your clients business logo right? We know your answer is yes as all these logos are simple yet so meaningfully communicate their brand's specialty.

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