Raster vs Vector – Which Is Better For Logo?

Raster vs  Vector – Which Is Better For Logo?

Though they are technical terms related design but are not so complex as they may sound. You might have come across these terms if you have anything to do with logo designing. Do you still feel confused about the two concepts often, so here is the place where you can get the clear idea of both from a designers aspect and both astride. And if you are into logo designing industry you must know these intricately. If you create it for startup company or even if you are a newbie in this domain the concepts explained in the following section of the write-up. Now after having said a lot about its requirements let's get to it.

Logo files For crafting a good logo that has a scalability you have to know both the image formats as print and digital both the aspects are significant. One is Vector and the other one is bitmap. It can be debated on why will we call pixel-based files bitmap and here lies all the confusion, to be precise, pixel-based images are known as raster images while bitmap is a Microsoft proprietary format. Many times, you would need to convert one format to the other. Changing a vector based image into a vector one is called rasterizing. And this is what raster is, and now let's take a close look on how it it done.

How to Convert vector image to raster Maximum designing software applications – for example Adobe Illustrator have a “save as” or “export” feature. You can easily export the vector file as a pixel-based file. Editing the image resolution through keeping the pixel-per-inch at a correct level. For the web purpose and commonly it would be 72 – your selected color space is right for where you want to put it, in this way you can change any logo file of vector format to pixel-based file.

Vectorizing a bitmap image. A bitmap image detail get pixelated when enlarge or near viewer is taken to make it look accurate we turn it to vector. It can be done by changing pixels from bitmapped image or logo to a bunch of vectorized squares. Even without being an designing expert to understand the distorted look of an enlarged bitmap image. Till you are equipped with any Illustrator robot plug-in that can be used for all the AI, it is pretty difficult to convert bitmap to vector image.

Conclusion So this is it. The basic difference among rater and vector image, this also justifies the popularity of vector images for the logo designing over raster images. Now promotional campaigns are not only restricted to digital but print is also a part and the logo being the face of a brand must have the versatile along with quality. Various companies offer affordable logo design packages for vector logo designing with an extra edge to surpass the contenders.

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