How is Custom Logo Connected to Geometry?

How is Custom Logo Connected to Geometry?

From the ancient times geometry has been an integral part of architecture & designing. Various well known monuments of the world use the concepts of geometrical shapes to design or build any buildings and monuments. Now in modern day's graphic designers also use this concept to design logo for their respective brands. One of the most interesting fact about Geometry is that it is evolved by nature and on the later part of human civilization it is being used radically to give a meaningful shapes to various designs for creating a brand logo. Most evident proof are present in the history of human civilization where the geometrical shapes has been used widely by ancient architects of the world like pyramid of Egypt, Taj Mahal of Agra, Hanging garden of Babylon, and statue of Zeus at Olympia. Simple shapes are taken into consideration to built such a wonderful monuments. So now graphic designers use this concept to build the custom logo design for their brand.

Significance of every Geometrical shapes:-

Today various well known brands of the world use geometrical shapes to design attractive logo for their brands. As for example Google, Adobe, Facebook, Rock star games, Standard Chartered bank. Google chrome & Firefox browsers use the shapes of circle to highlight their brand identity, while Adobe use triangle , and Facebook use square to portray their brand image infront of their viewers. In Custom Logo design many designers make use of various geometrical shapes to create a unique brand identity. Every geometrical shapes has a unique meaning related with it like square represents stability, Triangle for strong base, freedom and liberty is being highlighted by circle and 5 point star represents creativity and talent. Last but not the least spiral shape represents complexity like that of Human DNA inside every human being.

Relation Between Custom Logo design & Geometry

The fundamental of every interior, graphic, industrial , architectural,& environmental design is the shape. The main objective behind designing a custom logo design is to portray the commodity or the product of a client within a glimpse of not less than 3-4 seconds. So before designing a custom logo a designer need to understand the co-relation between the geometrical shapes & the nature of logo which he will be designing for a brand. As for example Circle is considered as the master of all shapes when used as an official shape for any brand it highlights that the reach of a particular brand across the globe. When two intersecting lines that is “X” is used in any logo of a brand it denotes literally the X factor or the value added features of a brand which it provides to its customers.

All the symbolic factors of geometric shapes makes the custom logo design a very unique design category which blends in itself the beauty of geometry and hidden secrets of nature. Most of the well known brands today uses this type of Logo design to highlight their brand image towards its viewers to grab their attention.

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