How is blockchain going to change the social media arena

How is blockchain going to change the social media arena

Social media is at its acme. More than 2 billion people are often connected and active on these platforms and innumerable fresh apps created regularly to suffice the demand. Needless to say, we live in an era of unequaled knowledge, communication and connectivity. The pictures, information or status, whatever you share and the other things you see there are controlled by this mediums. Though you have all the rights for your photos and information. They earn through this process, they monitor the online behavior of irrespective of how cautious you are.

Now, to this situation, blockchain is way out: Fortunately, now there is an advanced way and that's blockchain. Though the name somewhat makes it clear and not pretentious that it has the functionality to decentralize social media and more for small business’s favor. Knowing the process technology 'blockchain' will make the things clear to you. It is the latest technology that no one owns, singly. It's kind of a revolutionary ides and the reasons are:

  • It's decentralized. No single person has control over it.
  • It is safe, secure and indestructible.
  • It offers complete transparency along with the facility for you to be as private as you desire.
  • It facilitates transactions and communications avoiding any requirement of middleman or brokers. Blockchain came to existence along with the development of bitcoin - a decentralized, peer-to-peer digital currency. It is also called cryptocurrency. But the concept of blockchain begins to be applied to the complete online arena. And this how the blockchain has brought a groundbreaking change in the social media platforms.

Free Flowing, Censorship-Free Content In the present online scenario which a centralized one, some of the social-media boards control the global conversation. There are algorithms that bard the voices that are not suitable to the whims of the platforms. Can you imagine of getting your Facebook account ceased, without any warning, that you have been using it for many years with a long list of friends and followers. The censorship can affect your presence in social media this way.

But in case of the blockchain-based platforms, there's no such a funnel or “head” to formulate the algorithms that can restrict the audience from seeing any content. It is decentralized. Also, the content will secure and censor free on the blockchain. And this is so because your files and online properties are not saved in centralized servers, whereas are stored in “nodes” (or connected computers.

New revenue avenues with quality content Blockchain-dependent social media platform on is the initiation of the charge against present publishing model. As per the online promotion and publishing are hugely profitable industry. The big advertising brands and centralized social platforms receive million-dollar revenues, the people who make and share the content enjoy no benefits. But in case of social platform on, people will be able to construct and share bold opinion as it is against the bloated publishing model.

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