How Content Writing differs from Copywriting

How Content Writing differs from Copywriting

"When I write an advertisement, I don't want you to tell me that you find it creative. I want you to find it so interesting that you buy the product." said the celebrated advertising Moghul, David Oglivy years ago, introducing the world to creative advertising and quirky copies for the first time.

Copywriting and content writing are the same kinds of commercial writing – right?

No, they are not. They are quite different from each other, and most young professionals get confused while differentiating between the two. In the competitive world of marketing, relevant content is of utmost importance, and naturally, with time, the demand for content that sells have reached new heights. For contemporary entrepreneurs and professionals stepping into the world of sales and advertising, it is exceedingly significant to find out the differences between advertising copies and content writing.


Copywriting is closely linked to the world of advertising. A creative copy is not selling you any particular product or service – it's selling you an entire brand identity. Think of it as a pitch – it's purpose is to pitch any brand to prospective clients, trying to convince them to use the brand's product or service.

In the world of trade and commerce, you will come across plenty of copies in plenty of places. While reading a newspaper, you are looking at advertising copies when you glance towards the advertisement section, written for consumers like you. Similarly, when you scroll through an e-commerce website's product pages, you are going through different copies of various products.

Keeping in mind that copywriting always aims to sells can be easily distinguished from other kinds of commercial writing – a creative copy very typically asks you to visit a particular website or buy a product or service. While content writing explains and entertains, copywriting sells. In tone, it is informal, and it may or may not take liberties with grammar and syntax. Also, any marketing copy is all about urgency – it is all about "connect now", "avail offer now," or "book now".

On a relatable level, remember Don Draper from Mad Men? Don Draper was exactly doing this – he was selling specific ideas and sentiments attached to various products, services, and in the long run, brands.


Wise men have always said, "Content is king," and it's about time we agree with the wise men. Marketing veteran Ann Handley once said, "Good content isn't about good storytelling. It's about

telling any story well." and that is precisely the inherent function of good content! It needs to amuse, delight, cultivate, and above all, it must be an engaging read.

The key to becoming an ace content writer is buried deep inside the keywords. Like copywriters experiment with grammar and syntax, content writers abide by their set of keywords for storytelling. In a market brimming with content writers eager for projects, the only path to success is your additional skills – Knowledge of HTMLSEOCSS, and WordPress is always beneficial. You could also top it with your social media marketing skills to build your target audience, consequently strengthening your industry position.

A good content writer can write several blogs for your brand without mentioning your brand even once, thereby eventually creating productive engagement for your brand.

THE DIFFERENCES & the similarity:

The most significant difference between the two lies in its purpose – while copywriting creates engaging brand identities directly involved in innovative marketing, content writing creates potential opportunities for the brand to farther their digital or offline reach amongst their target audiences.

Of course, there are a few similarities between the two. For instance, both forms of commercial writing ultimately aim to convert a reader into a potential client. Also, both depend on the qualitative frequency where performance is concerned. The primary difference between the two is in their purposes. Thus, while copywriting sells your brand directly, content writing focuses on creating engaging content and generating potential clients' interests.

ORIGINALITY & PLAGIARISMtwo sides of the same coin

When a content/copywriter is original in their approach towards creating relevant content, they are making a conscious choice towards avoiding plagiarism. On the other hand, when the same writer decides to lift a few phrases and sentences or paraphrase from their research sources, the writer indulges in plagiarism, consciously, or subconsciously.

How will you know whether the content writer for your brand is not merely paraphrasing ideas from other blogs available in plenty on the web? Yes, it seems like a tedious job, but it is only a matter of minutes with the advent of digitization. Sites like Copyscape, Quetext, or Turnitin help you find out the exact percentage of 'un-original' content and the sources from where it has been 'copied'. Charges of plagiarism can be the last nail on a new writer's career – one can quickly lose their reputation and the clients or get involved in litigation.

It is your originality that makes your content interesting, and that, in turn, makes your brand unique. If there is nothing new about your brand, then advertising your brand becomes very challenging – in such a situation, your only hope is original content that will market your brand and cater to your target audience without any hassle.

Remember, your content is your trump card. Paying it most of your attention is probably a good idea, especially if you just launched your business. So, it is reasonable to invest in professionals who can create engagingrelevant, and unique content for your brand, thus making it a success.


In 2020 the importance of relevant content has increased ten folds in the past decade. Changing trends and algorithms have emerged with changing times, making content marketing an exciting area of work. With over six years of experience in the content industry, we have built an excellent team of writers who can provide you with engaging and relevant content on diverse themes and motifs.

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