Guidelines for designing a Corporate Logo

Guidelines for designing a Corporate Logo

Logo's are the face or identity creator of any brand. As it represents a brand towards its clients. It is present in every marketing material of a brand starting from websites, business cards , leaflets & brochures. It creates the first hand impression for your brand. For creating a corporate logo's it is essential that color, text,and design should compliment each other. So that it can create a positive impression in the minds of client. There are certain guidelines which are required to be followed before designing a corporate logo. As small or big every organization have to position themselves in the market and creative corporate logo is the best means for that.

It must reflect a brand in a honest & unique way :- It may sound strange but it is true that some business owners in the world copy the logo design of their competitors. Which ultimately result in a bug. It may effect your brand name, characteristics of your brand, & the competitive advantage a company offer in it's product or services. There are some overriding trait which may a company want to reflect through its corporate logo. It may be speed of delivery of their services, in that case using abstract logo can be a great choice. Some brands want to reflect their product and services through their logo. This can also be done for that a simple and clear design can be used.

Avoid over detailing:- Simple and easy logo's are easily recognizable.On the contrary complex logo's create confusion in the minds of the target audience. Thin lines are less appealing to the eyes compared to strong lines & letters. Simple logos enlarge or reduces better than complicated ones. Simple logos enlarge and reduce much better than complicated ones. Effective corporate logo can reflect something unexpected and out of the box thinking to grab the attention of the clients.

Logo should work well in white and black colors :- Black and white colors should be used judiciously for designing a logo. So that it matches with different conceptions of the brand. Logo's should be designed keeping in mind the cost effective measures. So as far as possible using to much color in a corporate logo should be avoided. As companies need to incur heavy printing cost.

It should be scalable:- It is expected that a corporate logo must be aesthetically pleasing to both large & small sizes. In all mediums of communication whether in laptop , desktop, mobiles or tablets. In billboards and business card also it should look clean and clear.

Many experts have opined that logos should reflect the company in such a manner that it creates a strong bonding between the brands. Brands must focus on the above stated guidelines before creating their corporate logo's. It is a bad practice to alter the logo every time. As it creates a confusion in the minds of your client. On the other hand the brand recognition also gets effected due to frequent alteration of the Logo's. So it is beneficial to stick in one design.

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