Exclusive logo design trends for 2017 to create a Mark

Exclusive logo design trends for 2017 to create a Mark

Let us welcome 2017 with all the zeal and innovation. Every aspect seems to have a refreshed look and let us try to give your business a more striking face. Want to know how? Here I present you with some trends for logo design trends that will continue to gain eminence and some new ideas that will help you enhance the brand message depiction in a subtle way. The elements can be wide-ranging like the simplification of font styles to the inclusion of animation, are going to be ruling the logo arena this year.

Broken Letter Forms Have you heard of broken letter forms? Obviously, you are not going to use stencils but, the use of broken letter forms is going to get prominence this year more than their utilizable nature. For instance, we can see the logo design of Scala, a company of fund advisory that implies their endeavor to elevate your business to high. The design of the logo is just apt for communicating the business essence. The designer's idea is to give the logo elevating look and he used broken letter forms for the alphabet A implementing a diagonal stair type of pattern that rises upwards.

Minimalism and Simplicity Some of the audience like complex designs and some prefer the simple ones. And there are people who love both, and when it comes to logo design as the trends indicate simplicity is the key factor. A clear design without much inclusion of various elements that can give the design a messy look. For example, the logo design of MasterCard has a visually looking busy has now transformed to a cleaner streamline design that has a greater impact on the target audience. Simplification seems to be gaining significantly since last year and is seen to be increasing in the following year. Presently, most of the new logos designer's are taking resort to flat design and minimalism that can depict the brand value in a distinct manner with minimal required elements of logo design.

Cropping and Reduction As opined by one of the celebrated graphic designer Paul Rand, we must think ourselves first, how to portray most with little elements that will be highly communicative too. For example, how much do we need to show the alphabet V to be understood by the audience it as 'V'. Probably you are thinking less than you used in a design, right? Implementing cropping. It's the newest way of using the principle of subtraction and this will be gaining back its preference in big way.

Simple and basic colors Have you noticed lately that the use of more colors in the brand mark creation has remarkably reduced. Isn't it? May be it's because of the basic colors like black, white and red or a these color palettes in reality create the a more impactful layout and sense of color. This process of reductionist design provide every color to be used meticulously to shine.

Abstract Photographic Elements The freshness or newer trend is the use of abstract photographic elements in the logo design. This is one of the advanced and convenient ways to give added personality tto a logo, and most of the designers at present prefer using abstract patterns.

These are some of the infallible tips to create a striking logo design for any brand to establish a great reputation. Logo design companies are well acquainted with the upcoming trends and prevailing trends can help you to get an apt brand mark or logo that justifies your brand perfectly.

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