Educational Logo - that reflects the ideology of an Institution

Educational Logo - that reflects the ideology  of an Institution

Every sector today try to define them using a unique symbol. A well graphically designed logo can create an impression in the mind of its viewers. This sector imparts that thing which is priceless and the ultimate source of power of the entire human civilization that is knowledge.

So these service requires a sound recognition to operate it's functionality smoothly & effectively. These industries don't sell anything they just impart the knowledge in terms of money to build the future of a generation.

What can a logo do in Education sector?

Whenever the people try to contact your institute or organization they will first encounter with the educational logo. The contracting organization may be any board or university. Your signage will help to create a good impression in the minds of your potential students in the very first face. It can highlight the services in which your institution is a specialist. A logo defines the structure of an organization in case of schools & colleges like it is co-ed or only for either of them.

Choice of Images

Images play a very important role in defining the image of an institution while creating a logo. So it should be chosen judiciously and carefully. The basic mantra is that it should not reflect or highlight any rough attitude. The color selection should be sober and not very vibrant. It should reflect morality, not aggressiveness. The tone of imparting the message about that brand should be in done in a polite sense.

Choice of Text

The choice of text or the tagline of the schools, college or educational logo should be as per with the personality of the institution. It should not violet the social norms of the society while branding their institution. Words should be used judiciously and carefully without hurting the sentiment of any community, caste or creed. Sometimes various old institution uses the time in their logo to highlight the longstanding achievement and the trustworthiness of that educational brand.


The typography which you use can say a lot about your institution. Serif Typefaces can highlight that how old is your organization and its rich culture, heritage due to its traditional looks. It is meant for attracting old age learners or mature students group. Helvetica & Aerial reflect the youth or young generation in abroad studies. Novelty fonts are used in order to reflect the child education and nursery schools by using this. Actually, these fonts reflect playfulness and innocent nature which obviously reflect small children character.

An interesting typeface can reflect your brand nature easily. They can also become the center of attraction of your logo design to add value to it. This for each sector Logo has a unique identity in itself to reflect a brand image whether it is an educational sector or non-educational sector.

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