How to Develop an Unique Brand Identity in 2021?

How to Develop an Unique Brand Identity in 2021?

The term “brand” is a name given to a product or service or simply a business name. And identifying or the process of distinguishing that brand from its competitors or canvassing the right image to its customers is “branding”. Hence “brand identity” is the message or essence of a product or service that a consumer receives or identifies by its name, product type, logo, trademark color, tagline, and other unique characteristics. And yes, it’s not only about promoting a product; rather, it is a list of mental and functional positive exclusiveness of the brand that should be communicated to its customers in the right way.

Potentiality and urgency of developing a unique brand identity / Why developing a quirky brand identity is so relevant?

As mentioned above, branding a product or service is how that brand is represented to its targeted audience. And this is why reinforcing brand identification in a winsome manner is always considered as the first step to anchor into market competition and furnishing a valid reason for customers to include that product into their “reasons-to-buy” list. Standing on 2021, there are numerous ways or platforms to promote your business. And social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter are very popular names in this list. What makes this popular is they are mostly free and due to their mammoth number of users (over 3.6 million people as on 2020 data).

So the paths are already there to reach for your customers, but what is important here is reaching your audience in the right way. In other words, the relevancy of quirky brand individuality builds promptness and the brand image of your business. This may be the reason brands like Coca-Cola, Apple, Puma, Samsung, etc. spend millions of dollars to promote their brand identity. Actually, these gigantic business firms know that how effective and peerless brand promotion can directly boost their sales figure and market share.

Before processing further, let’s mention what are the basic brand identity includes:

  • Logo
  • Typography
  • Web Design
  • Video and motion
  • Infographics Design
  • Illustrations

Guide to initiate a unique path of your brand identification:

Whether it is a business strategy or our daily life, unless a plan is not implemented, it’s not worthwhile. And when it comes to branding your product while standing in the 21st century, following the right course of action is vital. From logo design to digital marketing, branding a business depends on various factors. Some of the major areas that a business should look after to build a dignified “brand image” are:

Logo, the first impression of your brand identity:

Yes, logo plays a vital role in branding. Not only about making a first impression; logo helps to build brand loyalty and your product’s uniqueness. Here brand loyalty means an already recognized and familiar logo always goes a long way from one generation to another. Also placing your brand’s logo in your products, packing, websites, or in social media promotion always increase the degree of your service area. Simultaneously people also can associate your brand easily when a logo is used in every step of promotion. This is why logos should be created by professional graphic designers who can use feature-rich designs most effectively and help you to create a unique and attractive logo for your business.

Research distinguishes you from your competitors:

Whether your business is online or offline, irrespective of your business size, market research is essential. Why so and on what grounds this research should be based? Well, firstly, it helps you to understand consumer’s viewpoint of your product or service and secondly, it helps to identify your target audience accurately.  Review can be collected through calls/ emails/ feedback forms etc., where people can easily share their reviews. This ultimately helps you to identify your area of improvement and strong points at the same time. Also, market research plays a pivotal role before launching a new product. For example, studying competitors' marketing strategies empirically helps to position your brand differently to customers.

Brand requires professional graphic designers:

Why graphic design matter? Firstly, graphic design is all about visual communication and brand identity works as a messenger for your customers. And secondly, it establishes the foundation of a convincing brand identifying strategies.

As the quote of the famous Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky says, “Color is a power which directly influences the soul”, it’s very clear that how color can truly boost brand recognition. And most importantly, how our purchasing decisions can be influenced by our visual perceptions. Yes, it’s true for every human being irrespective of age, location or religion, or caste. Here comes the importance of graphic designing. Being the language of visual communication, from designing your band’s social media pages to beautifying mobile applications, it’s about creating a logo, business cards, banners, and so on. For example, allocating the perfect color palette in your website helps to connect with customer's minds easily. Similarly using the right typography style into your brand’s logo or integrating smartly into letterheads makes it more professional and fascinating. So while taking graphic design accountability from your brand’s marketing perspective, such sensitive parameters should be fulfilled by professionals. A professional graphic designer will make sure that every design whether it is virtual medium or print media; should enhance the overall user experience.

Website Designing, the final step for a great brand success:

It was back in the 1990s when companies use to print leaflets, banners more often to promote their products or services. But standing on 2021, it is becoming an essential part for every business to be present in social media and should have its own website. When it comes to particular products, listing your product on different e-commerce websites is another trend.

What’s important here is, your business should have a properly designed and easily navigable website that will build a good impression into customer’s minds. And this good user experience comes from solid navigation, a perfectly used color palette, and graphic design for your website. The same is applicable for any social media page as well. Hence just like graphic designing, from building web banners to web development, it needs a professional touch.


Irrespective of your business size, branding can be successful when it is consistent and lined up with a treading pattern. And when it’s about following a treading pattern in the year 2021, a strong presence in the online world should be of utmost priority. Finding the unique way of promoting your brand is what is needed now and thus a professional help is imperative to stand out from the competition. Because ultimately a good brand identity strategy eventually works as a catalyst for a positive brand image.

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