Can Algorithm-Driven Web Design changes be benefiting?

Can Algorithm-Driven Web Design changes be benefiting?

With the advancing technology and minutely ingrains more into more and more use of UX to improve theuser experience. The key terms at present are personalization, relevancy, and interactiveness from (UX). This means the designing process has become more intricate and the challenge has to be faced for creating a website that can understand and convey for the users and all through the process.

The old concept in the sense being traditional is gradually moving away. Earlier it was the work of the designer to make the site look good for the audience. But now it is much more than that. It's transformed to be much more than that. Whereas now it is not limited to looking good it has to make it story like for the user.

Conversational UI design: 2016 already marked the path for conversational designs as opined by Chris Messina “2016 will be the year of conversational commerce”. Various messaging channels such as Facebook messenger, We Chat are getting priority more than the social media platforms and apps are being downloaded more and marketers are pondering about the ways to utilize the change.

Animations and videos or GIFs: As the trend is people are preferring animation or GIF inclusion more and making them attracted to the websites. Moreover, these make the design more interactive and easily comprehensible to the target web traffic. But avoid overusing them. Through GIF's one can easily depict a workflow, or creating a user guide format.

Advanced Responsive web design: Responsive web design will continue to rule the arena as it's one of the easiest ways to create good UX. CSS queries allow more flexibility to structure according to the various devices in which the website is been browsed. In 2016, Google updated its algorithm for ranking value more the websites that have optimized content throughout the year, so the website makers must abide by the situation that and create a tailored design that will provide an apt display on all devices and also the conversion rate will also improve because of it.

Minimalism is still in: Minimalism has acquired a new high or level for the year 2017, so in place of visiting the home page, the web visitors are offered with a 'card'. There are pop-up designs or points that convey as a doorway for getting information. In a website, this cards lure the audience visually and make them understand the topic to click to know more.

Professional web design companies are adept with these changes and create a website that suits your requirement and abide by the advanced trends leading to more sales.

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