Application Of Eye catching App Icon Design

Application Of  Eye catching App Icon Design

First of all, it is necessary to understand that for what purpose an app icon is designed. The main reason behind its development is that it is the visual anchor of your product. So you need to design it that way in which it can grab the maximum attention of the clients. It is that tiny piece of branding holds that importance that not only it need to look attractive and stand out ,but it should also communicate the message of the brand. App Icons can create a better outlook for your brand.

So let's find out the core areas to focus on app Icon designs:-

1) Scalability:- One of the most important aspects of app icon is scalability. The reason behind this is that it will be shown on multiple places throughout the platform and in several sizes. So it is important to maintain its Uniqueness and legibility. It needs to look great on your Retina, App store and on other devices.

2) Recognizability:- An app icon is like a little song which reveals all the services of a brand in just a one go. Just as the song needs to get resonate in the minds of the listener in the same way an app icon should also resonate the in the minds of its viewers its color, shape, & ideas. The design needs to instill a sense of memory and instill a connection in both the emotional & functional level. The idea of the app should be like that it can stand out in the crowd with a unique identity of its own.

3) Consistency:- There should be a consistency between the experience with interacting with the app icon and interacting with the app itself. Actually, a good icon is a extension of what the app is all about. When these two supports each other then they create a more memorable encounter. A slick unified image of your app icon can create a product satisfaction in the mind of the customer which will ultimately lead to increase in retention and virality. In short, it is essential to make your icon work with the essence of design and functionality to design the application is a big win.

4) Uniqueness:- Your icon will be constantly competing with the icons of the other brands. So it is essential that it should be unique and innovative to face the competition with all its might. It is the common nature of the user to search for a unique item so if they get it from you then your Brand name will go viral in the market at a very fast pace.

That is the reason why these are the core areas which are considered as the most important parts of the app icon designing by the experts. If all the four instructions are followed one after the other carefully, then you are bound to see a positive result in your end without any room for ambiguity.

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