7 Benefits of a Good Landing Page

7 Benefits of a Good Landing Page

Landing page, the name itself is self-explanatory. Put simply, it guides a visitor or potential customer on a web page. Now, how does it do that? How can it help in lead generation effectively? Hold your horses. Let us assume you as a web visitor. Landing pages will channelize you from a link within social media posts, emails or other sources. Who doesn’t know about Facebook ad campaigns, direct promotional mails or pay per click relevant ads? Landing pages also use these as link sources. Finally, it encourages the search traffic to fill out a form or call a business.

  • Best Way to Increase Business Conversion

 Statistically speaking, having an optimized landing page results in around 25% boost in converting the leads into business. This data from a leading online marketing and web analytics company further fortifies it as a smart move.  I know that you get irked when paid search campaigns direct you to the home page or registration page without any match in the offer message. A well chalked and targeted message will automatically yield better results. And, that is why landing pages are critical components in the process of content marketing. Want to know some other benefits of a good landing page? Read on.

Business goals – this phrase itself is heavy enough to bog you down with pressure. But, relax. You just need a good landing page to meet your business goals. Is it that easy? Why not? It helps reach out to a niche market, promote a new product and get new customers. Especially, landing pages are beneficial for catering to the targeted search traffic for creating brand awareness. These further allow a business to compare the success rate in comparison to the goal.

  • Getting too much wordy? What does the landing page do?

  • It asks the user to sign up for the mailing list
  • Provide contact information
  • Subscribe to a newsletter
  • Asks people to make a purchase
  • Encourages the users to request a consultation
  • Generating Data and Valuable Insights

Have you linked the landing page to a specific campaign, content piece, paid search campaigns, action or source? It will help you track user behaviors. But, how?

  • Landing page will help understand which eMarketing campaign is performing the best
  • It will assess which topics of content marketing are creating ripple.
  • It will determine the channels which are bringing the most leads. Standalone landing pages further help you to establish a culture of accountability. Individuals can take charge of a particular campaign and be responsible for its success.

Often, a landing page contains a form. The visitor needs to enter various data to fill up the form. But, how does it help? It allows you to learn about the visitors’ specific challenges, chosen date & time for consultation. The visitors also get to share some additional info, they want you know.

  • Why are Landing Pages and A/B Testing Effective for Campaign Success?

A/B testing is one of the most reliable tools to help your business with data and insights. You can assess different landing page elements and determine what is the most effective using the data and analytics. Sounding complicated? It’s as simple as assessing the success of a video content against a picture, experimenting with new styles, vocabulary and tone. You can even try out tweaking content or the button colors.

  • A/B Testing Helps Make Changes Without Hassle:

This is also effective when the websites have multiple owners in the organization. They all need to be informed and their opinions matter when you want to introduce a change. What’s the way out? Operate the marketing campaigns through a standalone optimized landing page.

What are the things which can make a landing page stand out? It’s design should match with the style, look, feel and copy of the content it is linked to. This consistency is like taking one step forward in creating a buzz about your brand across all media. The user will recognize your brand among others and they will want to get engaged with your brand. All of us want to buy from an entity which we know. As the customers become more familiar with your brand, they tend to make more purchases. Landing pages create a brand consciousness among the users, so that, they know your business. And, most importantly, they remember you!

  • Engaging More People With Paid Search Campaigns:

The success of a paid search campaign depends on click through rates. Landing pages influence click through rates to a great extent.

  • Offer the Visitors Only What They are Looking For:

Dedicated landing pages offer the visitors exactly what they are searching. Through relevant ads or campaigns, it channelizes you in a way so that your head does not get cluttered. On this page, they will find the information they want or fill up the form they need to move forward. When a campaign yields appropriate results, it is likely to get more clicks. Isn’t it pretty obvious?

  • Campaigns Linked to Home Page Make People Confused:

How will you feel if you are directed to a home page which is filled with generic info? You will get irritated as you will become unable to find what you are looking for. This distraction or disappointment affects the rate of lead generation. A distracted visitor is unlikely to make further moves and purchase your product.

  • Essential for an Increase in Credibility:

Every user has a definite course of action. A good landing page helps the user in achieving that course of action. It also helps the users believe that you acknowledge their problems and have put enough endeavor to solve those. You can even include testimonials in the landing page to make most of the credibility benefits. It will make the users feel secure as they go through the experiences of other people in using the particular product or service.

  • Increases the Scope of eMarketing Through Mails:

Everyone gets to see an “opt-in” button when they fill out a form. It helps them to inform you that they want to receive offer mails and newsletters. Thus, you can include these willing users to your email list and send them promotional content and sales offers. It further keeps your business at the top of every user’s mind.

  • Conclusion:

Hopefully, you know why landing pages are crucial for improved conversions and giving your business a boost now.  To sum up, a good landing page builds and maintains the relationship of a customer with a business. Get in touch with an expert and try using a landing page for your business next time onward.

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