6 things to consider for creating a logo design

6 things to consider for creating a logo design

A logo being the prime manifestation of a business should have the features that will be conveying. The color, typography, formatting must create a unique concept that can describe the brand essence efficiently. Creative logo designs can be most helpful in representing the commercial face of your brand impressively. It's not an easy process to make a logo, it requires technical knowledge and familiarity with the trends of the field. An expert designer is aware of all the tricks and techniques of designing that can help you get a perfect brand mark.

Some points that can be effective logo design in making brand emblem:

1.Simplicity rules: The logo design must be unique but should be simple that can be explaining for the viewers. Employing too many elements can make the thing confusing. Overuse of color, like using a lot of bright hues can just ruin the complete look. For example, if you select a dark background and use bright fonts can just create a jazzing effect which can be overlooked by the viewers. And it will be confusing and will lay no focus on the image. The simple and most popular logo of Nike a “swoosh” is most simple yet appealing. A logo is an emblem and making the design intelligible will help in achieving best results.

2.Create with the finesse that can be appealing to the various audience: In all cases like any art form or designing flexibility can be effective in the long run and is a way for sure shot success. What I mean is the design needs to be versatile and dynamic. Maintaining extreme rigidity with the logo will only reduce the scope of advancement or innovation as with the changing trends little tweaking can give the logo a refined look. Even we can see the logo design of Google with minutes tweaking to look updated. If there is no room for innovation the logo loses its appeal for all audiences. Though being dynamic in no way mean you will be changing it after every week but it should be adaptable. Most of the companies need their brand mark to be flexible to interest diverse users. This is not possible in case of a rigid logo design.

3.Describing and storytelling: A logo always is based on a concept that is the story. If it doesn't portray that then it will be just a combination of lines, shapes, image, and patterns that will not at all appealing. The depth or the inner meaning has to be conveyed.

4.Colors are utterly important: The hues you add to your design are the eminent visual elements. So, ignoring the importance can reduce the look and feel of the design. Colors evoke emotions and the selection should be done after studying the associated audience preference. Also considering the age group or the type can be helpful.

5.Iconic logo designs can be inspiring: Studying the concept and the creation story behind the internationally famous logo designs like Apple, Google, Nike, Adidas, FedEx and more can be enlightening. This can also help your creative juices flow to create a great logo design.

6Font selection: Readability of the text is important as it also helps in conveying the brand message. And selecting completed fonts will decrease the readability and it loses views, so simple fonts that can be even understood from a little distance can be a wise selection.

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