5 Vital Questions To Ask While You Opt For A Professional Logo

5 Vital Questions To Ask While You Opt For A Professional Logo

Outstanding logos are recognized even at a single glance and they possess features to be memorable too. Examples like Nike's swoosh and Apple's a bite taken apple is eye-catching. Both the brands have the logo designs that are unique and consistently work as a potential logo should: provides innovation, stands out in the crowd, most prominently intrigues customers which leads to sales.

We are all aware of some iconic logos, but we are not aware of how are they created. The complete process of conceptualization to the final point there are various steps to be considered and when you go for a professional service for it, you must ask them about these:

How many types of logos are there?

Generally, there are four types -

Wordmarks - As the name suggests it only with different patterns of words like multi-letter abbreviation logotypes. Some examples can be more explaining Ebay, Google, and IBM

Letterform – These logos include a single letter. Example Honda, Uber, and McDonald's.

Pictorial Logo – this form of logo generally have illustrated symbols of known things. Examples – Twitter and Starbucks.

Abstract Logo – they actually don't represent anything otherwise recognizable, just as an abstract art. The best example can be the Logo of Nike.

What is the type of logo that will be best for my company?

The most difficult part is there is no fixed type of logo that will work for every industry type. What will suit completely depends on the name and message you want to convey through it seen through the designer's eye. For instance, if your company name is a smaller one, a wordmark logo can serve the purpose better, like eBay. The abstract form of the logo makes the name memorable for the customers.

What are the important points of business that my logo should convey?

The logo – its color, design, shape – all should evoke an essence of your brand and convey what your is all about. Wheeler says “When people look at it, they should get a feel for your brand personality and your distinctive point of view.” They should recognize that you are a level up and different from the other contenders. Amazon's logo has “a” to “z” with an arrow below which implies a smile and as they provide everything so it's a to z.

What are the suiting colors?

Color is eminently important. According to the industry experts, it is better not use the same colors as the closest competitors do for their logos. Use different color tones for giving psychological punches. Like red in KFC's logo signifies hot and spicy food, yellow is happiness, energy and can be used for the health-related companies.

What fonts should I consider?

The fonts are also a significant element in a logo. Selecting a fancy logo can't serve the purpose but must be easily readable from a distance too. None likes to squint while looking at the logo so the size and shape of the font mater. For example, a law firm which is related honor-ability, justice, and can be described best with bold fonts and for toy company or candy shop playful fonts can be very viewer engaging.

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