5 innovative and budget-saving ways to create video & other techniques for your brand

5 innovative and budget-saving ways to create video & other techniques for your brand

More and more of stats have sufficiently signified the soaring popularity of video in marketing. It's the next big thing that everyone in the digital marketing field is well aware of. Here in this article, you can know the how businesses with various budget range easily join the video bandwagon without spending a huge amount for it.

It was a few years ago, that you could say video is a film that can be seen with the help of VHS player. But at present, if you ask a teenager then he/she can say it's a recording visual generally found on YouTube. The meaning of saying this is the meaning and usability of video keeps on changing and advancing. And if you want to make most of this marketing technique then keep on reading.

Here are some of the ways that will help the budget-strapped businesses to go for the video marketing option without burning a hole in the pockets.

Engage people or target audience

An innovative way it to engage the audience or make something interactive that can entice them. For example – Cabot Circus in Bristol, it got a huge wall converted into a keyboard and pressing the keys can give rise to the tune. The wall is named Action wall and a video of people jumping around pressing the keys, and then posting them on social media platforms can increase the popularity of the shop to highest. Though this is quite an expensive move the point is creating a lively and interactive video that will allure people towards your brand.


Though not much explored the number of listeners is increasing by 23% with every passing year. With the success of and huge likes of S-Town that got audiences hooked for listening to it instead of watching them. In case of a cooking related product promoted with some delectable recipes through podcast can claim several downloads. While they are less cost incurring than creating videos and you can even include some of the episodes on the relevant page of your website's blog page. The business audience will feel engaging and they are completely beguiling. The only factor to be taken into account that you should get your message loud and clear to the audience.

Pictures linked together Don't ponder much we are not talking about creating a 2005-esque slideshow to be presented on the screen. Something much simpler can work for your brand while grabbing the interest of the people. The images of the day to day production or the functioning of the industry can be clicked and then connect them together in a video format with a link at the last redirecting to the website. This highly creative and fascinating for the target audience.

Strike the right balance

Inserting many videos or a long one, to your content is not wise. A small video of 20-second can serve the purpose in a better when it can reflect the brand essence or image with relevant information. Though written content remains the easiest to navigate than video as the readers at present have not much time to spend on a content. The point is you have to make your message clear and people must find the information they are looking for, before getting disinterested.

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