5 Expert Tips For Creating Impressive Logo Design

5 Expert Tips For Creating Impressive Logo Design

To create an appealing logo design a proper amalgamation of design skills, creative theory and deft application. Any design expert worth their salt can design an apt-for-purpose logo but to master the complete technique takes time. Though logo design is a small part of the branding process, but is the prime aspect as its the brand face or centerpiece of a brand.

Talking to industry experts about the detailing of logo designing and what are the features that makes logo perfect for the purpose. Here are some of the tips that will help you to enhance your branding effort starting from the research, in different phases of logo crafting and finally application of the logo.

Understand your competition

Even before you start drafting the concept of the logo make sure that you know your target audience well. You must take information about the contenders to begin with. Analyse all the close competitive sets and try to know the trend. Well, we can see in most of the cases of a popular logo design eschewing the trends and thinking out of box has made it a hit.

Ask the right questions

Creating an effective strategy is getting eminent to the branding process. When applying practically you will have to start from asking relevant questions like:

Why are we here? What do we do, and how do we do it? What makes us different? What’s our personality?

Stay flexible during the process

Once you are ready with the strategy it in no way means you can't add or modify it for better results. As per Johnson, the process can be two-way street. Sometimes the strategies that seems proper as a concept fail to be effective in practicality when visualized, so it is okay that you input some changes and keep it flexible for the better adaptability.

Respect a brand’s heritage

“It's vital to put your ego to one side and not dismiss designs created by others – and in doing so consider evolution as well as revolution,” argued North co-founder Stephen Gilmore in an essay in Computer Arts issue 259.

Keep it mind that logo is just one element

According to Bruce Duckworth and Mark Bonner (Brand Impact Awards judges) logo design is inevitably the first thing too be noticed different strategies can have different touch points can be used in any format, it is only a part of the branding. Keeping account of this in mind you can create a logo with required versatility and flexibility.

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