5 Basic Tips for Personalized Business Stationery Design

5 Basic Tips for Personalized Business Stationery Design

When you want to every aspect of your business to be class apart, why not the set of stationery set design? Ignoring the importance of specialized business card, folder design, letterhead can hamper some crucial chances of brand recognition. Not all the brand go for custom-made stationery design, so you opting for it gives you additional benefit. While in a business seminar or meeting leaving the required documents in the customize folder and using company letterhead will enhance the image of your business. You can never deny, it will provide the professional corporate look and appeal. Getting the logo design imprinted on the business card can improve the credibility. In business Expo or trade show, these small things will provide a touch of individuality in terms of your brand.

When you plan to get specialized stationery design these are the factors to be considered to get the most effective ones.

Select an attractive color scheme: Selection of color tone or scheme is of a vital importance in case of business stationery design. At present, the black and white pattern will in no way entice, whereas the selection of proper color tone can be iconic, help to describe professionalism of your business. It is always wise to use the brand associates colors like on the logo of the brand.

Use of space meticulously: Surprisingly as the other elements like color, fonts, pattern matter the use of space is of same significance. Overuse these elements can spoil the look so an element of wise use space creates the required balance. I am sure the designers will also agree with me! The stationery with a lot of graphics or text gives the complete thing a cluttered look describing nothing.

Contact Address to be emphasized: Never forget to add the contact address to the corporate stationery items. The brand name should be mentioned in clear fonts along with phone number. Like on the business card. Providing the email address and if there is fax number get all those printed each item. As a sole intention of creating stationery is to interest people to contact you for business deals.

Choice of fonts: Choosing the correct font type is another aspect of utter importance. Proper selection of fonts and appropriate size makes it legible and understandable. Sometimes amateur designer compromise with legibility. Now, this hampers the readability resulting in losing its purpose of creation.

Innovative Concept: Draw the outline in your mind get it on a paper and then find the elements that can add the panache and culminate the final draft to get the best one.

Stationery design should always be printed in proper fonts, with a complementing color scheme and a logo on it gives a complete corporate look.

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