4 inaccuracies that might be hindering your online business marketing

4 inaccuracies that might be hindering your online business marketing

Do you know there are online business marketing firms since 1997, and with the passing phase of time we have also heard about many of them and approach them for marketing our businesses. The scenario is that it is not always that every marketing campaign fetches you a positive or expected result, they fail too. There are various reasons that can be the cause, check out the following section for knowing them.

Having no defined goals “We have our contenders on Twitter, so we have to be on that platform too” can not be the cause of having a social media presence and campaign. Only thinking of fetching more and more traffic or thought of increasing leads is neither enough. There must be a well structured and defined goal like you want to have an increase in the SEO-generated leads for the website by 25% in the coming 16 months. It must be specific, with a clear time-set goal which can be calculated and assessed.

Focusing on irrelevant metrics As the goal is calculable or measurable doesn't mean that it's valuable. Companies do not get the satisfactory result or do not get the desired result, emphasizing on the wrong matrices of the campaign. The generally mistaken areas are:

  • Ranking: The rankings in SEO used to be of utmost importance but now it has somewhat lost its significance. As different users that use Google search engine see different results. Rather if you attain better rank for a non-relevant or keyword that is not searched a lot its only waste of time and money.
  • Traffic: Attracting more traffic will definitely increase the lead generation, sales or revenue. But one thing is to remember is that you need to get relevant traffic your website needs to be impressive and encouraging them to take the final action to purchase. If your web-shop is not up to the mark that can entice the traffic to sales, then even the maximum traffic is of no use as they will discourage potential buyers.

No proper campaign testing The bad experience for a marketing campaign online is the first day. Testing the various required elements like keywords, content, offers, images and more make a campaign effective and performance-enhancing. The testing can not be done just like that or whatever way you feel like, but must be done in methodically. Using poor testing process will just make you rearrange deck seats on the Titanic. And if you start the campaign without testing then it is just like flying the plane in autopilot mode waiting for resulting crash.

Insufficient-budgeting Failing to budget the campaign to the required level is probably one of the common hurdles. The fascination for getting something while spending nearly nothing is always beguiling, and some companies fully gauge the complexity and sphere of an online campaign even with a moderate goal.

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