3 Simple Points To Be Considered For Creating Corporate Logo

3 Simple Points To Be Considered For Creating Corporate Logo

There are many big companies out on the market that is doing very well. When you have a look at their corporate logo design, what are the things that capture your attention?


Most of the major corporations in the world that are very well-known would have a professional logo design. And most of these corporate logos are very simple when you look at the way they have been designed. These huge corporations know that in order to lead the pack, they must have a very good logo design that the general public out there is able to identify and recognize. Let's take for example Pepsi, the soft drink company. They had their old logo re-designed about 11 times. Talk about keeping your image fresh! Yet any time when people see a Pepsi logo, they would immediately know what their product is. The same goes for a well-known competitor which has also changed and refreshed their company logo but no matter where you go, people will instantly know the giant soft drink maker by just looking at the logo and it's trademark red color. And mind you, both of these companies have a very simple logo but their marketing has been amazing in promoting their product.

Easy To Read

Another element that is important when it comes to having a professional logo design is that the logo itself must be easy to read by anyone out there. No point having a logo that is not easily readable. Avoid small fonts or complicated fonts as the idea of a corporate logo design is for people to be able to read and identify with your company no matter where they are easy. So it is always important that if people cannot make sense of your logo design, they should still be able to read what your company name is. That is why huge companies like Intel, Dell, and Google keep their design simple and yet promote their company name with their company logo.

Must Project Company Image

And like all these huge corporations like Microsoft and McDonalds, it is important that their company logo projects the right corporate image as well. Color also plays a difference in how a company logo is able to project the setting. For example, some companies could change their company logo color during certain holiday seasons to reflect the time of the year or occasion to mark some significance. During St. Patrick's Day, for example, some companies could change their logo color to green to celebrate the event. But no matter what the season is, the important thing is that a company logo must project the proper company image.

So if huge corporations are thinking of having a re-branding exercise, they will need to consider these 3 important elements when it comes to having their corporate logo re-designed or refreshed.

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