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How to choose your website template design?

How to choose your website template design


A business owner needs to choose the right template for website designing. The type of website you want to create, the features, customization options, budget, and experience you have on template editing are all factors to consider. The process of selecting a website template can be quite minimal and simple. In order to identify the steps necessary to choose the best website template, we compiled this guide.

How to Choose a Template

The following are some key factors to consider before selecting a template for your website:

Type of Website You Want to Create

A website template determines your website’s structure, functions, and appearance. Are you planning to build a simple single page website, or do you need several pages that include galleries, maps, and videos? While choosing the best website design template, you should consider your industry and niche. A creative template designed for photographers will not be suitable for an accounting firm and vice versa.

Type of Layout and Design Fits Your Needs

Website layout and design determine the structure of the information in the webpage. When it comes to choosing a website template, there are five key design and usability factors to consider:

Content width design

Nowadays, most website templates provide two types of content width: full-width and boxed width. When the background image stretches the full width of your computer screen, you have a full-width design.

Full-Width Layout

The full-width layout is very popular with mobile responsive templates and graphically rich websites. In general, they are considered to be more creative and modern.

Boxed Width Layout

In a boxed width layout, there is a visible frame between your content and the left and right sides of the screen. A layout like this is better suited for business-oriented websites since it conveys a sense of professionalism and tradition.

Header layout

The header is usually the first thing your visitors will notice while visiting your website. There are many types of header layouts, and they can range from a simple logo image and main navigation to headers with slideshows, videos, images, and text overlays. Making the right choice of the header depends more on purpose than the website design. It is crucial for your website’s header to convey your business’s core message to visitors.

Navigation bar design

The navigation of your website is the primary tool that guides your visitors. You should make sure your navigation bar is clean and simple, with an eye-pleasing background color. Pages should be laid out from left to right in order of importance, and they should only include those that are essential. Supporting pages should be added as drop-down menu items rather than appearing on the main menu.

Logo placement

The placement of your logo indicates a lot about the objectives of your business. Businesses that place their logo in the same line as their main navigation are more focused on their products and services and do not place much emphasis on branding. It is best suited for businesses serving the business-to-business (B2B) market.

Overall usability and user experience

One last thing you should consider is the overall user experience and usability of the website template. By keeping the above points in mind, your chosen website template should not only have an attractive design but also meet your requirements. In addition, it must be responsive, mobile-friendly, and SEO-optimized.

Features and Customization

A modern website template can be customized to blend in with your existing brand. To get creative templates, you can try the customization options, such as color selection, font selection, adding company logos, adding multimedia, and creating custom layouts.

Custom Layouts Should be Enhanced

When customizing a website template, keep in mind that the theme should be enhanced, not completely redesigned. You should carefully consider what features you need from your website template, and then eliminate all templates with features that you do not need and will not use.

Customer Support and Budget Considerations

It doesn’t matter how “easy to use” or “easy to update” a website template is, and it must be supported by a template developer who offers support in case you encounter any problems. You should select a template provider who has vast experience in website designing services and clearly offers customer support via:

  1. Phone
  2. Email
  3. Online chat

You can get your site uploaded and ready for viewing as quickly as possible. You should also consider the overall budget for the website development so that a perfect website can be designed at a minimal cost.

Types of Templates

You should consider two types of website templates for your business website: HTML templates and WordPress templates. Here’s an in-depth look at both.

Static Templates

Static website templates primarily use HTML and CSS to display the design and content of your website, and JavaScript to add additional features such as a slideshow or form validation. Static website templates are the best choice if you are absolutely certain you will not want to change or add anything new to your website or if you know how to code and make changes to your website. A static template is also a better option for website development if you don’t have the time or the resources to develop rich content for a business blog.

WordPress Templates

WordPress is actually a Content Management System (CMS). The database of a CMS such as WordPress contains all your data and is powered by PHP programming language and MySQL. Your website displays that data dynamically through HTML/CSS and Javascript. WordPress is a great option if you want to easily update your website whenever you like. WordPress makes even more sense if you plan on using content marketing to grow your business because it enables you to easily start a blog and grow your email list effortlessly.


When you create a website, web design templates and WordPress themes can save you time, money, and effort. There are numerous factors to consider when selecting the right template for your website, and we discussed many of them in this post.

It is best to choose a website developer, who can offer an attractive design, good usability, and all the features you need, and also vast experience in website development services. In this way, you can focus on website developing, rather than spending too much time on just making your website function.

What are Social Media Storyboards and what is their contribution?

What are Social Media Storyboards

Whether you like it or not, nowadays, content marketing is embracing the video culture of today and moving towards videos. According to a recent survey, 43% of people want to see more video content from marketers, and four times as many customers watch a video rather than read about it. Nowadays, so many people are connected through social media there is no doubt if you are a business entrepreneur, having a social media presence is a smart business move.

 Are you looking for ways to up your social media presence and attract more customers? If so, then you are in the right and proper place. Keep reading the article to learn how to storyboard your future social media campaign and attract your target audience. Social media storyboards ensure you deliver your message in the best possible way, like storyboarding your Instagram story.  It also saves your time in creating content for your page.

What is a Storyboard?

A storyboard is considered as a series of sketches that represent the individual shots plan for a video, film, or commercial. It contains directions for camera angle, lighting, and transition, along with dialogue and other notes. Just like all good writers start their articles or stories with outlines, good marketers begin their videos with storyboards. A social media storyboard can be worked as a great collaboration tool when working the social media influencers. You may ask social media influencers to provide an outline of the story’s content, or you may share storyboard templates for the content you are expecting.

The History of Storyboard

Before learning how to create a professional storyboard, it is important to know the history of the storyboard. The idea of a storyboard began in the 1930s when Webb Smith, the animator for Disney, came up with a unique idea to draw different scenes on a piece of paper and then attach them together on a bulletin. The same concept is also applied in social media.

How to storyboard your social media campaign

Here we will define how to storyboard social media campaign in four steps.

Pick a theme

The first thing you have to do is pick a theme that will define and suit your brand. You should decide which color and font will be appropriate to reflect your message as well as your brand. For example, picking an appropriate color and font makes your ig stories more attractive that can be used as a growth hacks technique to increase views. Also, keep in mind that this might change a bit once you get started, and that is ok as long as you have a starting point for your theme.

Start with Your Concept

Next thing, you want to pick your concept based on your end goal. But before it, you should ask yourself some basic questions:

  • Do you want to attract more customers?
  • Do you want to promote a new product?
  • What do you want the outcome to be?

By answering these questions, it will honestly help your storyboard process go smoothly.

Storyboarding Time

Once you have created your theme and you have a proper concept, you can start to write down your “scenes.” You can simply draw squares on blank paper and write down what will be in each square. You should think about all the options you have on social media while selecting the appropriate one.

Options to Explore

You have various options in your hand like images, videos, graphics, polls, etc. You should be specific on each square which of the social media options you will be using. After choosing your main visual, you should write down a brief description of what is happening in this frame. Once you have everything in each of your square boxes, you can add any extras if you want. Nowadays, you have a plethora of extras like hashtags, geotags, stickers, etc.


This is the last piece of your storyboard. You should include a clear call to action. This call-to-action should be based on your end goal. How to reach your audience? Do you want your audience to visit your webpage, buy now, swipe up? You should inform them no matter how obvious it might seem. Social media insights help the marketer to intimately understand the people they’re communicating

Storyboarding is a Form of Communication

When it comes to video or film productions, people often look at directors as geniuses that envision everything. But the thing they don’t realize how much directors rely on their team. Storyboarding team is the most important part of that team. Being responsible for making a piece of work come alive, directors work out their ideas onto paper with the storyboard team in order to see how it will work.

Storyboard Artists Help the Entire Production Process

Similar to the directors, the writers of the production hugely depend on the storyboard team. Nowadays, video production companies also realize the importance of storyboard artists and their contributions. When people draw new ideas, a lot of unknown obstacles will come. Finding these unknown obstacles will help to complete everything. In video production, storyboard artists simply play the role of great communicators.

Can Videos and Films Survive Without Storyboards?

When people think about storyboarding, they often think only of pictures, but it is much more than that. Storyboarding helps to effectively create the blueprints of a complex video or film. Now the question must arrive, do you really need storyboards to make a video or film? To answer that question, it might be good to ask, can the company survive without email? It may be possible, but the overall efficiency would drop significantly. Proper video production companies use storyboards in their films to run the overall production smoother, cleaner, and to provide much better results.


As you can see, creating a storyboard is not so complicated and can be a lot of fun. The more you do, it will become much easier. Now it’s time to apply everything you learned and start storyboarding your social media campaign. In case you cannot do it on your own, there is always an expert there to help you out!

Website vs. Social Media: What Should Your Business Opt for?

Website vs. Social Media

Nowadays, social media is the main platform for communication and conversation between brands and their audiences. Then how relevant are websites in 2021? One of the biggest debates that happen within the marketing team is where they would put their efforts.

 Is it on the company’s website or their social media channels to generate more conversion rates? Which channel guarantees the greatest return on investment to grow the company faster? In this article, we will analyze the importance of both and find out which one is the clear winner.

Website vs. Social Media

While discussing the website vs. social media, one thing is clear; neither should be overlooked nor neglected to pertain to your business strategy. We will define ten key points to consider, five points for the website and five points for social media.

  • Website: Your Company’s Go to Digital Space

While debating about the role of your website in lead generation efforts, keep the following five important points in mind.

  • A Website Helps Your Company Get Found Online

This is one of the most important points to remember that a website is a way your company gets found online with the help of website’s conversion rate. According to a recent study, 90% of people use the internet to find local businesses. If you don’t have a website or properly maintain it, you may miss out on the critical opportunities to be found.

  • Websites Can Help Your Online Presence Grow with Proper SEO Strategy

When you have a website, it means your business utilizes a search engine optimization or SEO strategy to grow its online presence. As per the statistics, 53.3% of all website traffic comes from organic search, so if businesses double down on their SEO and other organic search strategies, they will experience incredible growth in their website lead generation efforts.

  • A Website promotes Your Services in the Digital Platform

This is another crucial aspect of a website to promote your services in the digital space. According to statistics, more than 1.79 billion people used online shopping last year that signifies there were 1.79 billion people who could have found your website and looked at your service. There is no doubt that the internet is an incredibly powerful tool for lead generation. So, your services need to be outlined and promoted properly on your website.

  • Landing Page Promotes Services and Boosts Conversions

One of the most effective ways to promote your services is to have a landing page on your website. A landing page provides an opportunity for your customers to land after they click on a link, whether it’s from a marketing campaign or an organic search. Your landing page should describe all the services you’re providing and how these services solve your consumer’s problem. A well-designed landing page is essential for transforming traffic into conversion.

  • A Website is a Crucial Part of Sales Funnel

Website plays a crucial role in your sales funnel. Your website guides people from the top of the sales funnel where they learn about your business and services to the end of your sales funnel, where these people will convert and become customers. Your website also serves as a great automation tool for your business. It’s the place where leads can learn about your services or your brands 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days per year. You can automate parts of your sales process with the help of installing a 24X7 live chat feature.

  • A Website Helps Your Company to Establish Credibility

Credibility means a lot of things to consumers in today’s digital-first landscape. If a business looks credible online, their website visitors are more likely to trust them and turn into their valuable customers. According to a recent survey, 81% of consumers said that they need to be able to trust a brand to buy from them. By establishing credibility through your website, you will be able to build trust with your audience.

  • A Website Provides Key Data for Your Company

While debating on website vs. social media, always remember that a website provides important data for your web, sales, and marketing teams. According to a recent study, 64% of marketing executives strongly agree that data-driven marketing is essential to success in a hypercompetitive global economy.

  • Social Media: Where Your Brand Shines

While debating about the role of social media in social media lead generation efforts, keep the following five important points in mind.

  • Social Media Helps You Connect with Your Audience

While discussing website vs. social media in lead generation, something vital to consider is that social media helps companies connect with their audience on a personal level. Digital Information World reports that internet users are now spending more than 142 minutes per day on social networking and messaging platforms.

  • Social Media is Where You Build Your Brand

Social media is an important channel that can be used to build your company’s brand. The more audiences are connected with your brand, the more likely they will become your valuable customers and brand advocates. You can build your brand on social media with the help of social media ads.

  • Social Media Helps You to Share Your Content

Social media users like to consume content in various ways on different platforms, so always keep in mind social media helps you to share your content with the messes. It actually increases your company’s status as an industry leader. The more you share, the more you enhance your gravitas that can help to influence people to keep following you to obtain valuable information.

  • Social Media Allows You to Reach New Audiences

Social media allows you to reach new audiences in ways you can’t solely through your website. Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn allow you to use the hashtags option to follow specific topics. If you post any content on these platforms using hashtags, your content will be seen by people who follow those hashtags. This can be used as social media growth hacks technique.

  • Social Media Encourages Interaction with Your Brand

Social media platforms encourage interaction and engagement between brands and audiences. Always remember that every like, comment, or share option is a validation that your brand is worth engaging with, and it will help your social media growth. Basically, it’s a form of social proof that everyone on social platforms can see. The more you engage on social media platforms, the more your brand will be noticed.


While debating on website vs. social media and which is better for your company, it can be concluded when paired together, your website and social media channels are complementary parts of the same well-oiled machine, and both can be used for lead generation hacks strategies. They have the same goal to get your brand out to the world and convert potential leads to your valuable customers. Both website and social media strategy are the fundamental pillars in your lead generation and growth strategies.

10 Social Media FAQs You must Know

Social Media FAQs You must Know

If you have just started to promote your brands on the social media platform, you probably have lots of questions in your mind. Social media marketing is more than just creating a social account and posting updates once in a while. It is actually a digital tool to broadcast your company updates.

You should take a strategic approach to make social media marketing successful. In this guide, we will cover the 10 social media Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that you should ask yourself before driving into social media. Whether you are a beginner to social media or you have been using it for a while, answer these key questions, and it will help to guide your social media efforts towards success.

Who is my audience?

Before starting your social media efforts, it is important to take time to understand your audience. All successful businesses are based upon their ability to meet the needs of their audience, and social media marketing is no different. It is very crucial to understand the people you are interacting with, from their psychological behavior to their demographics that will help to relate with them directly. You should develop a strong customer relationship that will help to clarify all the demographic questions about your audience, like their age, location, challenges, dreams, hobbies, and many more.

Which social media platforms do my audience use?

After identifying your audience, the next step is to determine which social media platforms they use and direct your efforts accordingly. You should map all the information to social media platforms. Most social media marketing efforts are focused on the trifecta of Facebook ads, Twitter ads, LinkedIn ads, Instagram ads. You should do your research properly to determine which platform is best to focus your social media efforts on to be successful.

What can I achieve from social media?

Your goals and objectives are the foundation of your strategy. It will guide every decision and tactic that comes next. Without having clear goals in your mind, you will not know how to measure your social media effectiveness. Creating goals helps to kick-start the process of collecting data, and tracking metrics, and it also ensures that your future content and marketing efforts are data-driven.

  • Identify the goals and objectives of social media

Goals are also important because they align your social media marketing strategy with your overreaching marketing objectives. Your social media marketing efforts should be an integral part of your overall digital marketing strategy. Your marketing goal should be as trackable and specific as possible. The more detailed your goal is, the easier it will be to achieve in a few months.

What is my social media budget?

In marketing, there are two resources: money to spend and man-hours to give. It is completely up to you how you want to allocate them.

  • Prepare the social media budget

There is a common misconception that social media is completely free. On the contrary, it is true that it is free to create an account on all the major platforms. But most offer premium services that may be worth considering. In addition, you might consider budgeting for some advertising campaign to extend the reach of your social media marketing.  It is a good idea to make a budget for social media ads if you want to make an impact on the social media platforms like Facebook, where organic growth has steadily inclined over the past few years.

How much time can I give on social media?

Time is another important factor in the social media equation. To achieve desired results and credibility, you have to be prepared to devote time regularly to create and promote content and engage with your audience.

  • Allotted time for social media

You should ask yourself how much of a time commitment can you afford for social media. Will you concentrate on just one social media platform or, do you really need some social media help? To create and maintain interest with your targeted audience, you need to post regularly to stay in front of your audience and keep growing.

What type of content should I create?

Your answer to the previous question surely influences the type of content you want to create for social media. You should ask yourself do you have time to write regularly for a blog. Would it be better to make a short video tutorial for YouTube or to communicate through a live stream broadcast? You also keep in mind the content that works based on your chosen platform.

  • Create appropriate type of content

Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest require high-quality visuals to stand out, whereas LinkedIn is better suited to industry news and long-form thought pieces. Quality and consistency are two important factors of every type of content you intend to create. You should always think about what you want your audience to know and how they feel after seeing your content.

What are my competitors doing on social media?

It is very much important to observe what your competitors are doing on social media platforms. Which social media platforms do they use? What type of content do they share? How does their audience respond to them? What are they doing really well? What are not they currently doing that you could do well? These are basic questions that you should know to compare your competitors’ social footprint and content against your own.

Who will be responsible for social media?

While developing your social media marketing strategy, it is important to clearly define roles and understand who will manage, monitor, and engage on each account. You may wish to take the full responsibility of handling and maintaining your social media account, but if you want to provide this task to someone, you should consider hiring a social media expert who will take all the responsibilities of a social media marketing job.

How will I monitor social media?

From a marketing perspective, social media monitoring will help you to determine the impact on your product, service, or brand, and if required, make adjustments according to your marketing or sales plan for like for like growth. There are many free and paid network monitoring tools available in the market to track the metrics relevant to your brand across the web.

How will I measure social media?

You should know how to achieve your social media goals. To determine how effective your social media marketing efforts are, you will need to measure your results. Understand and track the metrics that matter to the core of the business and bottom line. Social media metrics should be always tied to your overall business goals. You can use built-in tools to track and measure your progress.


Social media can be a powerful tool for any business organization. It can increase your visibility, establish two-way communication with customers, enhance customer relationships, provide a forum for feedback, and improve the awareness and reputation of your company. If you have clear knowledge about the above FAQs, you will be able to build a successful social marketing plan that can be considered as social media growth hacks for your business.

8 LinkedIn Growth Hacks For Business

8 LinkedIn Growth Hacks For Business

Viral posts are an integral part of your growth hacking strategy. If you want people to notice you, then you have to be seen. What if I told you that your virality on the social media platform can be measured and that knowing LinkedIn growth hacking is quite essential? LinkedIn is a great place to attract business entrepreneurs who are serious about their business. Nearly every professional on this planet has a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn actually offers an ideal platform for marketing B2B products and services because of its large user base.

In this guide, we will define how to optimize your post for maximum exposure. We will also provide you with relevant knowledge on streamlining it with your lead generation efforts. You should start measuring what you do to find out if it works. Marketing strategy and LinkedIn user growth hacking strategy both are data-dependent. You can’t do anything to separate them, so that it’s time to look at the data that we have. LinkedIn growth hack can triple the size of your network, which will result in more engagement, conversions, and, most importantly, revenue.

Secret behind the LinkedIn Growth Hacks

Have you ever thought about what the secret behind LinkedIn growth is? I am sure most of you want to increase your network in LinkedIn but have not cracked the code yet.  We follow social media experts who are active on LinkedIn, but we don’t try to extract the secret behind their success. Well, I’ll share some growth hacks for LinkedIn so that you can crack the code.

  • Include Images in Posts

This might sound like a simple thing, but it is really important on LinkedIn specifically. It is proven that images increase engagement on social media platforms. On LinkedIn, research shows that including a photo in your profile increases views 11 times than the normal profile. Therefore, you should upload a header picture, profile picture, and add relevant images in your posts to maximize your profile’s viewability. However, only image posting is not enough and you have to identify who your audience is. Let’s deal with this point.

  • Cater to Your Audience

Do you know what your LinkedIn followers want, like, need, and will benefit from? Everyone’s network is different, but you can make some assumptions based on the data. You can easily generate quality leads by posting unique content that encourages clicks and helps your LinkedIn career growth. A premium or paid membership provides you a robust set of data on who is viewing your profile, reading your LinkedIn posts, and expressing interest in you.

  • Create a Group

One of the right steps to expand your LinkedIn network is to create a LinkedIn group. This will help to attract professionals who are interested in specific topics and provide you a platform for your posts. Another advantage of the LinkedIn group is the ability to share relevant information with people without needing them as connections to improve LinkedIn growth service. Creating a group is an amazing idea to blowing up your network in a quick and efficient manner.

  • Engage Your Employees

Engaging your employees on the LinkedIn platform will help you to show off your company’s culture and grow your network. Engaged employees also contribute to increasing your company’s revenue as well. When your employees are engaged in the LinkedIn platform, you greatly increase the reach of your LinkedIn posts. They will just add your business page as their current employer, and they’ll automatically start to follow your business page.

  • Connect with Customers

Satisfied customers are the assets of a company. LinkedIn developer tools provide you the opportunity to add a “Follow” button to your website. By clicking on this follow button, anybody can follow your LinkedIn business page. These customer connections are very likely to endorse you for your skill and share your posts with their circle. Adding the LinkedIn follow button to your business website will help you to cast a wider net to expand your network beyond just LinkedIn.

  • Share Videos

Sharing video content will help to increase online engagement, especially when used for marketing purposes. On LinkedIn, research shows sharing video content increase the conversion rate by 80 percent. Adding videos to your LinkedIn posts makes your profile more attractive for visitors and collects more views.

  • Track Your LinkedIn Analytics

How to know what any online campaign is doing? Data analytics are the only way to truly know what any online campaign is doing, and LinkedIn is no different. Though you cannot track your LinkedIn view through Google Analytics or Semrush, you can only track them through the site’s internal analytics. It is a great idea to export these metrics into your own spreadsheet or database and track them offline in conjunction with other social networking platforms and web traffic.

  • Start Conversation with Current Connections

There is no importance in building your network until you engage with your current connections. Engaging with your current network will help to allow you to view who is active and who may be fake. Fake social media followers can impact your brand’s image negatively. Actually, you are wasting your valuable marketing money for lower returns while engaging with click farms and other fake LinkedIn profiles. According to the Wall Street Journal, approximately 36% of internet users are completely fraudulent. Ad network traffic on sites is struggling with fraud click.

Some Other LinkedIn Growth Hack Techniques

Further, there are some other LinkedIn growth hack techniques. Let’s explore!

  • Connect LinkedIn to Your Blog

In WordPress, you can easily connect your account to LinkedIn in order to automatically share your posts with the help of the Jetpack plug-in. This is one of the key components of your online conversion rate optimization efforts to help lead potential customers deeper into your sales funnel. Lead generation is a vital aspect of LinkedIn, in case you are not paying attention. I will suggest you use the Jetpack plug-in to connect LinkedIn to your blog.

  • Create LinkedIn Showcase Pages

When your profile and company page is a resume, your showcase page is a LinkedIn portfolio. These pages will allow you to be creative and deeply focused on SEO-optimized topics. You should fill your showcase pages with valuable and relevant content that will draw interest from people searching through LinkedIn or other platforms they are connected to.  Always remember that LinkedIn is a predominantly desktop accessed website, therefore do not go for barebones; opt for media-rich visual and clickable content.


 LinkedIn is a great place to create your network with other professionals who could become your valuable business partners, clients, or even employees. Growing your network in LinkedIn will help to increase the LinkedIn follower growth and drive larger revenue for your company as it is a great platform for disseminating professional information to a B2B audience.

What Blogging does for your Website?

What Blogging does for your Website?

Is blogging a really necessary part of a business website? The first thing all business entrepreneurs discover when conducting search engine optimization research is blogging. Blogs consist of informal articles written to show thought leadership and expertise on a topic. Website blogs have gained a reputation for being a very useful tool in order to boost website SEO and improve search engine ranking.

It is Much Beyond Search Engine Optimization:

Although the purpose of a website blog is not just limited to SEO, they have a few other advantages to your business too. Some people would continue debating whether blogging is still relevant, especially with the use of social media as marketing platform. Therefore, it is important to understand what a blog does, why it helps, and why it should be an integral part of your website and online marketing strategy.

What is the Importance of a Blog and How can it Help?

We will define the main reasons why blogging for websites is an integral part of your online marketing strategy, regardless of whether you are a small or large business organization. Blogging for websites allows you to share relevant information about your business and its services, but it also allows you to share your opinions and thoughts on certain topics.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

A business blog gives you an opportunity to create relevant content for your website visitors. You can make all the informational posts related to the services you provide or the products you sell. This can be used as a marketing tactic to drive website traffic back to your website.

Blogs Work the Best When Disseminated through Social Media

You can share the posts on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter as well as send out email newsletter campaigns. While sharing your blog posts on social media, you should attach a visually appealing image on your blog so that social media users will be attracted and more likely to engage and click through.

Attract the New Visitors

When you attract new visitors to your website, it creates a new opportunity to generate leads. You can use your Call-to-Action buttons for directing your website visitors through your website to keep them engaged on your website and guide them through their journey from awareness to purchase. Good CTA consists of finding out more, download, discounts, free offers, etc.

Blogs with Hyperlinks Make Navigation & Customer Experience Smooth

It is important to link your blogs to the relevant pages of your website so that visitors can easily visit the relevant pages by clicking on the link. This type of linking must be done with the help of anchor text that is relevant and uses some of your target keywords. For example, if you are discussing a specific type of service and providing tips, you can link the keywords back to the relevant page on your website. This will help the readers to discover what services you provide by simply clicking on it.

Increase Your SEO

Fresh content and linking are the important parts of SEO. If you create blog posts that discuss your business services and products while providing users with useful information, it can generate traffic and improve ranking with search engines.

Impact of Regular Blogging on Search Engine

You should be sure to use target keywords and topics that are relevant to your business. This will help the search engine crawlers to recognize your website blog that is in relation to a specific topic. Actually, creating content regularly informs search engines that your website is actively updated, and therefore, your website should be checked frequently to see what new content has surfaced.

Improve Brand Recognition

Well-written articles that readers find useful will help to demonstrate your business as an industry leader and improve your brand recognition. Posting blogs on relevant topics will help to improve your marketing strategy to promote the services you offer or the products you sell. You can also write all the relevant information regarding your company’s products or services in your company’s landing page content. It will help to build the trust of the customers in your services or brands.

Build Better Customer Relation

Well-written blogs can be a great way to improve the connection your business has with its customer. By visiting and reading your blogs, customers will know your business product or service from the comfort of their homes.

Comment Section in Blogs Makes Them More Interactive

As a source of quality information, it builds trust with the reader. You can include a comments section on your blog pages to improve engagement with the customers. This will enable the opportunity to ask questions they may have about a topic and will provide you a platform to directly communicate and clarify things for them. This sort of direct engagement with customers will improve your brand’s recognition and trust.

Blogs are Long-Term

When a blog is indexed in search engines, it stays there. Therefore, your blog can still gain traffic and generate leads weeks, months, even years after. Don’t look for instant leads and hundreds of views; you should give your blog time to generate interest. Blog topics that are timeless will constantly generate more views month after month, so you should make sure to write about the topics that you know will be of interest to your target audience.

Blogs Give Your Company a Voice

Blogging allows you to not only share information about your business and its services but also allows you to share your opinion and thoughts on certain topics. Blogging is a great way to create a personality for your company and it lends your business a more creditable approach. So, don’t be afraid to share your interests on your blogs, comments on timely new topics or market trends, or educate your readers on a particular topic. Always be sure to write blogs keeping your audience in mind.


Since the advent of blogs, the number of online journals has significantly increased worldwide. Private bloggers write down their own thoughts and share their ideas and experiences with their readers. Amateur and professional blog writers can develop guest blogging as the act of writing content for another company’s website.

Companies choose to develop their own company blog to increase their brand presence, position themselves as experts and retain customer loyalty. Successful blogs are authentic, unique, and focus on the target audience.

9 Growth Hacks For Facebook Business

9 Growth Hacks For Facebook Business

How’s your Facebook page performing? If you’re having trouble with your Facebook page, I will not blame you. With more than 2 billion monthly users, 65 million small business pages, and 4 million advertisers on its platform, Facebook is the biggest social media platform on the planet.

Getting the Facebook Page Back on Track:

Now the question is, how can you get your Facebook page back on track? You have to acquire some skills to make these platforms work for you. One of the most powerful and popular tools is Facebook’s ads platform which will target people based on their location, demographic, and profile information.

Facebook Ads: A Cost-Effective Solution:

Consumer research and ads that previously cost more money now can be done with a few tests with the help of growth hacking Facebook ads. This actually scales your million-dollar business with almost no marketing costs.

Anatomy of a Highly Engaging Facebook Post

The currency of Facebook marketing is the post, so you should know what makes up an engaging Facebook post. If you don’t know these basics, you may have trouble succeeding with Facebook advertising.

It has Evolved:

In the earlier days, we used social media platforms as the acquisition channel. We were impatient and used it as a place where we updated our users about our development, asked them to test our app, and answered our surveys. But nowadays, the scenario is totally changed. You should consider your Facebook page as your audience, not your business. The moment you stopped posting about yourself and just focused on your audiences and the kind of content they like, the popularity of your Facebook page will automatically increase.

9 Growth Hacks for Facebook Business

The following 9 Facebook growth hacks for Facebook business help to instantly improve your small business reach:

Upload Your Correct NAP on the Facebook Page

NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone Number. If you forgot to list your business online, then you should submit your NAP to the directory of your Facebook page. You should make sure that all numbers, spellings, and abbreviations are correct.

Use Long-Tail Keywords in Your Posts

Long-tail keywords help to refer to longer, more specific terms people use to find information. Actually, it is familiar with SEO tools. To get bound by the customers you want, you will have to make your Facebook page more relevant to what they are looking for. You should be focused on what your customers are searching for and the words they use while searching. And then, model your Facebook page and content after that.

Finding the Perfect Match:

A long-tail keyword will not only increase your rank but also ensure that your audience is extremely focused and is a perfect match for your business. This will boost up the conversion rates and engagement that will help to increase the popularity of your Facebook page.

Put Keywords in Strategic Places

You should put exact keywords in strategic places that hold the most relevance for search. You should put your brand’s name in the Page title. You can also use the About Section area to provide your page description on Google. Your posts should be pretty clear as your posts matter.

Link Your Facebook Page to Other Channels

The easiest way to get backlinks for your page is to link your Facebook pages to other channels like your official website, Twitter account, Youtube channel. It will help to promote your Facebook page with a higher rank for the searched items.

Add Reviews

Positive reviews help to boost credibility, trust, and sales. According to a recent survey, 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, and consumers go through an average of 7 reviews before trusting a business. The same survey also reveals 68% of consumers have provided a local business review when asked. So you should start prioritizing reviews that will help to increase the appearance of your page in search results on Google and Facebook. This could be used as a Facebook page growth hacks technique.

Add More Visual Content

We learn better from visual content as it sticks in our memory. You should use original images in your cover photo as it is the first thing your page visitor will notice. Try not to use stock images and always select the images that are in line with your company and its value. Let the visitor know what you are from the beginning. You should also use images in your every post. According to a recent survey, posts with images have 2.3 times more engagement than those without. It is the easiest way to increase the share-ability of your posts.

Publish More Videos

If a picture tells a thousand words, then a video is a thousand times better. Facebook users watch over 8 million videos daily. This is why Facebook’s algorithm now prioritizes videos over other types of content. As a result, your published videos will help to have a 135% greater organic reach than your photo posts.

Go Live

Facebook live videos perform better than them all. Facebook live videos will help to increase your audience as Facebook live videos connect you with your audience to build a strong customer base. According to Facebook, people watch live videos 3 times longer than regular videos, and they comment 10 times more in a live video. This is very useful for Facebook group growth hacks.

Get Your Post Timing Right

It is very important to choose the right time to publish a post as your audience will not be waiting for your next update. They have their own lives. There are lots of recommendations for the best time to publish a Facebook post. But to know the best time to publish a Facebook post, you should go to your Facebook page and click on the insights and then click on posts. A detailed data will be presented in front of you to understand when your content does best and publish at those times.


Nowadays, internet marketers agree on the point that Facebook is the star social networking platform for personal branding and business tool for many users. All in all, having a successful Facebook account could be easy if you put your time and effort into using Facebook management tools to make your business growth easier and faster.

How to Generate More Leads from your Website?

How to Generate More Leads from your Website?

Is your website driving leads for your valuable business? Most B2B companies are struggling to create an online lead generation strategy through their company’s website. But they are unsure where to begin and how to begin to get more leads.

Marketers and web designers need to consider a more strategic approach to create a landing page that will help them to build a more lead-generating website.

Benefit of Creating Website Conversions

Anybody can develop a website, but not everybody can create a conversion machine. Your website should consist of a mechanism that allows you to convert prospective visitors into interested leads who will later become your customers. Besides, your website should be able to guide the customers about the products and services that you sell.

  • Implementing the Conversion Process

All website owners dream about this mechanism, but they typically fail to implement the correct measure that will help to streamline their conversion process. The correct implementation will benefit their businesses in terms of sales, engagement, inquiries, and referrals. Once you have developed your website to be a conversion machine, you will be able to acquire an endless flow of quality website leads that will help your business to thrive.

  • Learn the Right Way with Examples

For example, if you are doing a real estate business, then you can try the best real estate lead generation websites like Leadpropeller, Bold Leads, Boom Town, and others to generate more web leads from your website. You can also learn how to create an optimized lead capture page that will generate leads for your business.

Seven Tactics that will Help to Generate More Leads from your Website

The following tactics are proven to be lead generation boosters that can not only increase conversions but also increase the trust factor and authority of your website.

  • Sale your Product or Services to your Niche Market

Many people make the mistake of selling one product or service to everybody. Although it sounds good in theory, in reality, every person who visits your website has different motives, values, as well as desires. Every step of the journey that they take on your website should add to their experience and take them a step closer to find their desired result.

  • Make it Granular

You will increase the conversion rate of your website by tailoring your site to appeal to different micro-niche audiences. The more granular you make it, you will experience a higher conversion rate.

  • Make Sure that your Site has Web Pages that Convert

Before designing your website, you should test your lead generation pages to check which one provides the best conversions. There are many lead generation sites available in the market that opt to build a professional website but fail to focus on the conversion elements.

  • Test and Assess the Results

It is very important to test different web design leads and layouts to find out the differences in conversions, site engagement, and bounce rate. Investing in this at the initial stage can help your business to earn millions of dollars in revenue over the long term.

  • Make Sure that the Web Pages Get to Communicate your Exact Intentions

You should inform and persuade visitors to your website so that they will gain the confidence to commit to the conversion. Before asking the prospects for sale or submitting an inquiry, you should be able to acquire their trust. Otherwise, their instincts will tell them to leave your website. You can achieve this trust in the following ways:

  • Include a contact number on your website

Include a contact number on your website for prospects to contact your business and speak to a customer care executive who can answer any questions or queries that they might have.

  • Prepare a compelling sales headline

Prepare a compelling sales headline that will exactly define what you offer to your customers and clients.

  • Upload high resolution images

Upload high-resolution images that will resonate with the current experience of your customers or the experience that they desire.

  • Publish the sales report on your website

Publish a sales report on your website that will inform and demonstrate value to the website visitors so that it will compel them to take action on the website.

  • Use the calls-to-action prompt

Use the calls-to-action prompt on your website to define your customers exactly what actions they need to take in order to get the outcome that they desire.

  • Focus on Registering More People on Your Database Network

This will help to get qualified prospects to register the interest of your customers in your products or services by subscribing to the email list of your website or following your business on social media platforms. By doing this, your business will be able to:

  1. Maintain communications with prospects
  2. Retarget your customers in the future so that they will gain more trust in your brand and commit to converting on your website in the near future.

For example, getting leads for contractors can be easily done by using the best lead generation websites for contractors available in the market.

  • Use Pop-ups Function to Get More Engagement

Your customers need a trigger that will make them convert. Using pop-ups and welcome gates are great ways to increase the number of conversions on your website. There are various leading pop-up software solutions available in the market that will surely increase the conversion rate of your website.

  • Implement Retargeting Tags

You should implement retargeting tags that will help to promote the contents, products, or services of your website. It is very much easy and cheap to retarget a visitor to your website to convert them as your potential customer in the near future. You should simply add the retargeting code to your website to target previous visitors and compel them to return.

  • Publish Testimonials and Reviews

What other people think about your business is more important than anything that will communicate to your prospects. You should try to publish more positive reviews, feedbacks, and testimonials that will help to convince more people to convert to your website.


Once you have developed your website with a conversion mechanism, you will be able to experience an endless flow of qualified leads that will help your web business to thrive. So start to implement the recommendation that has been provided in this blog, and in the next 90 days, I guarantee that your business will see a substantial change in conversions.

7 Instagram Growth Hacks That Will Change Your Life

7 Instagram Growth Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Instagram is the third most popular social media platform with 1.16 billion active monthly users that make it the third most popular social media platform after Facebook (2.7 billion) and Youtube (2 billion) as of 2020. Instagram is a mainstream social media platform that everyone is using whether they are listed celebrities, or multinational companies, or sole proprietors.

Secret behind the Instagram Growth Hacks

Have you ever thought about what the secret behind the Instagram growth hacks or ig growth hacks is? I am sure most of you want to increase your followers on Instagram but have not cracked the code yet.  We follow social media experts who are active on Instagram, but we don’t try to extract the secret behind their success. Well, I’ll share some growth hacks for Instagram so that you can crack the code.

  • Using the Social Media Management Tools

It’s also true that social media platform starts to look more saturated nowadays. Therefore, the reach, engagement, and attention on Instagram are difficult to obtain as compared to 8 years ago. Here comes the opportunity for us to describe different social media management tools and tactics that will help you sort things out.

  • Start Planning it

Most of you have already planned to seriously learn about growth hacking Instagram 2020. But before we dig deeper into Instagram growth hacks 2020, you should ask yourself three questions:

  • Whom do you want to reach out
  • What do you have to offer them
  • What can you provide that others can’t
  • Let’s Find the Answers:

Let me elaborate on my view on these three questions. Blindly reaching out to the audience and expecting to get a return on investment is like living in the fool’s paradise. For example, if any company knows its target audience, then the company can advertise on Facebook to attract that target audience. The advertisement should consist of an interesting headline that can create curiosity among the audience.

  • Provide Necessary Details:

Clearly defining the service that you want to offer will help your audience to connect with you. You have to find out some unique ways that make you different from others.  Self-awareness plays a key role in understanding the strengths that can distinguish you from the other competitors in your field.

7 Instagram Growth Hacks

Now let me define 7 hacking Instagram growth according to Instagram growth hacks reddit.

  • Use the Tagging Feature to its Full Potential

You can use the tagging feature to tag up to 20 other users in your post. You should make sure which Instagram accounts are relevant to the post. The result of doing all that your posts will appear on the tagged accounts’ pages.  So when any user or follower browses that page, they will be led back to your profile. There is also the chance of sharing that post by the user, which is always a good thing for Instagram growth hacks 2021.

  • Share Your Tweets as Instagram Posts

Sharing your Twitter tweets as Instagram posts is a great way to keep pumping fresh content on Instagram. In my personal experience, if you don’t post on Instagram for a while, then it will affect your organic reach. So it’s very important to keep showing up with something. It is one of the secrets of Instagram hacks for organic growth.

  • Start Conversations in the Instagram Comments

The Instagram comment section can be used to talk directly with your followers. In my personal experience, I have seen most Instagram users don’t respond to their fans when they start to pop up on any social media platform.

  • Commenting Helps!

Commenting on Instagram helps to increase your Instagram account’s engagement. So starting a conversation in the comments is a great idea to not only engage with the social media platform but also to build a solid connection with the followers that will help to hack Instagram growth.

  • Diversify Your Hashtag Selection

Hashtags are very much important to your visibility on Instagram. If you are not using hashtags in your Instagram post, then it probably the main reason why you are not getting many followers. Instagram’s search function can only search three things: hashtags, geotags, and usernames. Nothing else in your post or captions will be visible.

  • How to Add the Hashtags?

So hashtags need to be added manually to make your post discoverable. You can add up to 30 hashtags for your every Instagram post. I will suggest you do a little research before you start to choose your hashtags.

  • Get Evolved Locally

Instagram allows you to search for locations with the help of the “geotags” feature. This actually provides an excellent opportunity to see what’s going on in your area. You can browse around for a while and see what you can find. I will suggest you communicate with the locals, especially the ones you think you might have something in common with.

  • Team up with Other Users

This is one of the most enjoyable approaches to get more followers on the Instagram platform. You should find the people whose sensibilities mesh with your own. After finding the people, you should take time to reach to them and develop a partnership. There are a lot of different types of collaboration that you can perform together like:

  1. Exchange shoutouts and regrams for starters
  2. Hosting a contest together

The goal here is to reach your respective audience to cross over and follow others. It will help to spice up your feed with some much-needed variety.

  • Establish a well-chosen theme for your feed

An Instagram feed operates as a personal portfolio that reflects who you are and what your business is about. Adding good-quality images and an eye-catchy theme will help to create an attractive Instagram feed along with a catchy username that is easy to remember.  The main objective of doing so is to gain attention immediately.


Nowadays, internet marketers agree on the point that Instagram is the star social networking platform for personal branding and business tool for many users. All in all, having a successful Instagram account could be easy if you put your time and effort into using Instagram management and growth hacking Instagram 2020 tools to make your growth easier and faster.

How to Market your Start-up?

How to Market Your Startup

Starting a business is an exhilarating experience for business entrepreneurs. However, marketing your start-up business is a completely different science. The secret of start-up marketing totally depends on the properly combined right channel of content marketing and Public Relations (PR).

The traditional marketing strategies are not so much effective for start-up marketing. The success story behind every start-up business lies in years of hard work. Start-up marketing is a unique challenge for business entrepreneurs due to the limited resources in terms of time, money, or talent.

You have to be always sure that every effort, no matter how small, is well planned as well as flawlessly executed. So starting from the beginning, we will demonstrate how to do marketing for a start-up business. There are several steps while marketing your start-up business:

Choose the Market Before You Know How to do Marketing for Start-Ups:

Majority of business entrepreneurs believe that the whole world will love their products. But the reality is totally different. Only a small portion of the world is interested in their products. Therefore, it is important to identify the niche target market.

  • Factors to Consider White Choosing the Market:

The question is how to do marketing for start-up company, and how do you choose the market? You should choose the market based on four main factors: Market Size, Market Wealth, Market Competition, and Value Proposition.

Conduct Market Research

Market research is the most important part of developing your marketing strategy. This step basically involves collecting information to provide a clear idea about the customer’s thinking and buying pattern. Market research will guide you to predict the initial sales forecast, monitor the current market trends, and keep an eye on the business of the competitors. It will also help to find the answer to the question: how to market your start-up?

Identify the Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Unique Selling Proposition (USP) plays a key role in identifying the reason why the customer should buy from you and not from your competitors. It actually plays a vital role so that your business stands out from the consumer’s point of view. USP also helps to define what you do differently and be able to convey that to the potential customers. Your company’s USP should be based on some new or unique offering or providing some exceptional service.

Develop Your Business Brand

It is very important to develop your business brand because it emotionally connects you with your target customers and conveys who you are, what you stand for, and what you can deliver. A brand is more than a logo, color, or tagline.

Choose Your Marketing Avenues

You have to choose your marketing avenue while there are many available options. You should always consider your target audience while choosing which to use. A business website, social media, blogging, marketing video for your start-up, brochure, and flyer are the options available while choosing your market avenue.

Set Your Goals and Budget

Marketing goals enable the option to define what you actually want to achieve through the marketing activities. The marketing goal should be SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based. Allocation of a budget is very much important for your marketing activities.

  • Setting the Budget:

The marketing budget should need to include various elements like website development as well as maintenance, search engine optimization strategy, brand designing, printing cost of promotional material, advertisement, sponsorships and donations, and engaging your employees to undertake marketing activities.

Nurture the Loyal Customers

Customers are the key to success for any business, so it is very important to look after them and encourage loyalty.  Smooth customer service will help to keep customers coming back and choose your brand over your competitors. Different strategies are used while building loyalty in customers, such as:

  1. Regular communication with the customers through social media, blogs, or e-news
  2. Providing after-sale follow up
  3. Delivering the promises
  4. Using the feedback and complaints to improve services
  5. Listening to the customers
  6. Training the customer service staff and people in the sales department

Create a Strategy for Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) Activity

This section will define how to market your tech start-up and how to sell your tech start-up. A realistic growth strategy plays a crucial role in the rapid rates of consolidation and high expectations of growth. In today’s fast-moving environment, many tech start-up companies are either acquired or merged by global giants like Apple, Google, Amazon, etc.

  • Biggies Teach Us How to Sell a Tech Start-Up

Global giant Apple bought the music service Shazam for £400 million in 2018, and in the year 2014, Facebook acquired Whatsapp for $21.8 billion only after two years of purchasing photo streaming service Instagram for $1 billion – the company is now estimating to be worth more than one hundred times that price.

  • Role of Mergers and Acquisitions:

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) activity plays a crucial part in business growth for tech start-up companies. Many tech start-up companies use mergers and acquisitions activity to generate huge amounts of revenue. Tech entrepreneurs should have a well-thought-out M&A strategy while negotiating the sale of their business in a fast-growing and ever-changing landscape.

  • Minimizing the Risk Factor:

Entrepreneurs should consider reducing risk by accurately positioning their businesses. The engagement of a trusted adviser on an early basis is very much important for managing and negotiation, competing influences of investors, acquirers, employees, and founders.

Monitor and Review the Marketing Activities

It is very important to monitor and review your marketing activities regularly to understand whether they are achieving the desired outcome, such as an increased sale. At the initial stage, you should review your marketing strategy plan once every three months to ensure that the marketing activities are supporting your business strategy.

  • Monitoring Product/Service Launch:

Once your business becomes established, you should review your marketing activities when you launch a new product or service. Monitoring is especially important when a new competitor enters the market with a strategy or issue that affects your business.

  • How does it Help?

Constant monitoring activities help to review your sales figures and customer activity while marketing your start-up business. You can also use the free analytical tools to determine the effectiveness of your social media or website campaigns.


Start-up marketing is a complex science. Some great marketing ideas had failed because of a lack of customer awareness as well as media attention. Sometimes the strategy failed due to the poor marketing strategy. Still, other great ideas help many businesses to achieve million-dollar fame.

Founders are still searching for some great ideas to realize start-up marketing success. Actually, it is the sweet spot between content marketing and public relation (PR). In any case, please use the knowledge of how to market your start-up and let me know how things work out for you.

How To Increase Engagement On Instagram?

How To Increase Engagement On Instagram

If you are wondering how to increase the engagement rate for your brand on Instagram, then take three deep breaths now because you are not the only one who’s hoping to fix their engagement rate on Instagram.

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is.”

In the last half of the decade, Instagram has evolved to become an important marketing tool for any business out there. If you perceived the platform merely as a photo gallery for your products, then you were wrong, because it’s a little less simpler than that.

Before moving to the intricacies of engagement and reach, let’s talk about a brand’s reasons behind choosing to establish its presence on Instagram,

  • A Steady Increase in Instagram Users

On 30th November 2017, Instagram announced that the number of brands using Instagram actively has reached a whopping 25 million.

It’s quite easy to understand that as more and more brands are using this platform to reach their target audience, consumers too are engaging with visual content while making buying decisions.

These consumers are not just fans of visual content, but they are looking for content from people who are just like them.

  • Easy Targeting & Retargeting of Audience

 The key to running successful ad campaigns depends largely on your targeting skills. Instagram allows you to reach your core audience with filtering options like,

  1. Demographics – Instagram allows you to target based on gender and language demographics.
  2. Location – Instagram allows you to target a whole country as well as a small town, hatever works best for your brand.
  3. Interests – Instagram allows you to monitor consumer interests like who they follow? What brands do they buy from? etc.
  4. Behaviours – Instagram allows you to retarget consumers who had visited your website in the past and left without buying anything.
  5. Lookalike Audience – Instagram also allows you to target consumers like the people who already follow you.
  • Detailed Insights on Target Audience

Instagram Insights can be very important since it helps you find out more information on your audience is? Where are they from? etc.

Instagram provides essential information about consumers that makes targeting your audience easier. On top of that, Instagram also gives you insights on your ROI on the platform. For every campaign, you can check clicks, reach, engagement, conversions, etc.

  • Plenty of opportunities to Engage with your Target Audience.

According to Instagram’s own data, more than 800 million people use Instagram every month while more than 500 million log in every day. This creates the perfect opportunity for brands to engage with their target audience easily.

Instagram announced that at least 60% of its huge user base had found a new product on the platform – it continues to be the platform for discovery and awareness. So why not just use it for what it’s intended?

“Think like a publisher, Not a Marketer.”

Today, brands need to monitor their performance metrics on Instagram for better results and put in the effort to track saves, shares, clicks, and even engagement rates to find out how their content is performing on the platform. Fortunately, increasing your engagement on Instagram is not as hard as you initially thought.

Keep reading to find out about all the simple steps you can take to increase your brand’s engagement rate on Instagram!

Timing is Everything

Did you know that you can be limiting your Instagram engagement by simply posting at the wrong time? Instead, post when your target audience is active. Instagram’s algorithm loves content that generates a lot of engagement in a short time and, as a result, will push your content on top of your followers’ feed.

Take Advantage of Stickers on Instagram Storyboards to Start Conversations

Have you noticed the plethora of options on Instagram Storyboards? These can be used strategically since they allow you to conduct polls, create quizzes, answer questions, and on top of that, all of these directly connect you to your target audience, who finally begins to engage with you freely.

Experiment & Test with New Content Regularly

Try to understand that the best content is generated when you have explored and experimented enough. Marketing your content is a constant risk – it will either work for the platform or fail to engage. So experiment and test regularly with content to be aware of what works best for your brand.

Long Captions tell Longer Stories

Did you know that Instagram captions can be as long as 2200 characters? Don’t you think that is a lot of space to be shared with your audience? Remember that one factor affecting your post’s performance within the algorithm is how much time is being spent on the post. So, naturally, one of the easiest ways to improve engagement is to write long captions that tell a story, stories that your audience can relate to.

Hashtags are your New Best Friends

While you are trying to increase engagement through different ways, pay closer attention to hashtags because they help you understand what drives people to your content. In addition, there are many tools to track the hashtags you use on each post. Remember, the stronger your hashtag game, the more impressions and eyes on your content!

How to Advertise On Twitter?

How to Advertise On Twitter?

Twitter is one of the greatest social marketing platforms for promoting and advertising your brands. According to a recent study, 63% of Twitter users follow small businesses through ads by Twitter. Therefore, companies can observe the actual growth from this platform.  Ads on Twitter help you to promote individual Tweets or entire campaigns dedicated to specific objectives.

You can easily use the Twitter advertising platform to present your Twitter paid ads in front of those audiences who are not following you. This measure is helpful to generate new leads for your business. There are some basic steps for setting up a Twitter ad, and we will show step-by-step procedures for your ad campaign.

  • Select between “Promote Mode” and “Twitter Ads”

Before setting up your Twitter Ads, it is important to decide whether you want to promote Twitter promoted Tweets or run the Twitter promote mode for your ad campaigning. Promoted Tweets will help to appear your Tweets in the Twitter stream or Twitter search results of specific users. Promoting Twitter ads is a more holistic approach to accomplish a specific goal for your brands with the help of multiple groups of Tweets.

  • Reaching Out to the Audience with Twitter Ads:

You will have to pay a monthly fee as Twitter ads cost for as long as you are promoting a Tweet.  Paid ads Twitter support a single Tweet, and you can select the targeted audiences based on their location or interests. Based on your objective, sponsored Tweets will display your username in the user’s newsfeed section. Twitter targeted ads play an important role in growing the follower base and building up your audience.

  • Select the objective of your Twitter Ad

To run a Twitter Ad campaign, it is important to determine your objective. Here is a list of eight objectives from which you have to choose your objective:

  1. App installs
  2. Number of followers
  3. Engagement of Tweets
  4. Counted views of promoted videos
  5. Website clicks
  6. Re-engagement of the app
  7. Views of the in-stream video
  8. Awareness

Twitter Promoted ad campaigns mainly focus on the number of followers that is the second objective listed above.  This type of objective is also known as “Promoted Accounts”.  It will help you to promote your profile in the targeted audience’s newsfeed and on the profile pages of the other accounts.

  • Fill up All the Details for Your Ad Campaigning

After choosing your objective, you will be redirected to a page where you have to fill up all the details like the name of the campaign, start and end date for your campaign, the total budget of the campaign etc.  Suppose your chosen objective is app installs, then you have to connect your app to Twitter and select this app from the dropdown list.

  • Setting Your Ad by Twitter

Twitter can set your ad in either “Standard” mode or “Accelerated” mode. Standard mode will enable the option to show your Twitter ads to the targeted audiences, and Accelerated mode will enable the option of displaying your ad campaigns as much as possible.

  • Create an Ad Group for Your Ad Campaigning

The next step is to create an ad group for your ad campaigning. There is always one pre-created ad group on the left-hand side of the Twitter Ads page. You can create more than one ad group by simply selecting “Copy ad group”, which appears on the right-hand side of the ad group page.

  • Customize Your Ad:

You can customize the details of the ad group by simply selecting the “Details” tab. In the “Details” tab, you can set your ad group to bid for placement. The bid type will allow you to bid on a promoted ad placement. Three types of bids are available for placement: Automatic bid, Maximum bid, and Target bid.

  • Automatic Bid:

Automatic bid permits Twitter ad manager to bill you the most cost-effective amount every time your targeted audience engages with your ad content. The billing cost will depend on the budget and audience parameters of your ad group.

  • Maximum Bid:

It provides you the full control over how much money you are willing to pay every time when the targeted audience engages with your ad content.

  • Target Bid

It will allow you to allocate how much money you are willing to pay from the budget of your ad group when your targeted audience engages with your ad content.

  • Select the Target Audience for Each Group

You can select the target audience by simply clicking on the “Targeting” tab. This will enable the option to set the parameters of your targeted audience. It is very important to customize your audience to achieve a good outcome for your company and your message.

  • Customize:

 You can customize different criteria like gender, age, location, language, device, audience feature, etc, for selecting the audience for your created ad group. “Targeting by Keywords” is an option available in the “Audience features” fields. It allows you to reach those people who search, Tweet about, or engage with different Twitter ad types.

  • Target by Interests and Followers:

“Targeting by Interests and Followers” is another option that allows you to create a list of the Twitter usernames and then target the Twitter users whose interests are similar to the interests of the followers of those users.

  • Select the Creatives to Promote the Tweets

The next step is to select the creatives you want to run with each ad group belonging to your ad campaigning.  You can either select the Tweets from the existing Tweets in your account or create a new Tweet by simply selecting the “Creatives” tab. “Creatives” actually enables the option to promote the Tweets that you want to promote.

You can compose a new Tweet for Twitter promotion by simply clicking on the blue quill icon present in the far right of your “Creatives” screen. If you like to promote the new Tweet, then just click on the “Promote only” button. When you click on the “Promote only” button, the Tweets are discoverable by the data partners, but they are not promoted until the campaign begins.

  • Review and Launch Your Ad Campaign

Before launching your ad campaign, this is the final step to check all the details carefully. When everything looks fine, you can launch the ad campaign by simply selecting the “Review your campaign” button. This button appears at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

  • Conclusion

Twitter ads provide a new path to reach and understand your customers on social networking platforms. Besides, the Twitter ads manager offers a centralized platform to manage your campaign. If you are planning to advertise on Twitter for the first time, then you have to learn how the platform works.

No matter which type of Twitter ad you create, but it is important to keep an eye on your ad campaign while they run and continue to optimize for better results in the future. In any case, use the knowledge what you’ve learned and let me know how things work out for you.

The 7 Most Effective Types of Social Media Advertising in 2021

Most Effective Types of Social Media Advertising

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is.”

 Scott Cook, Founder, Intuit

It’s 2021, a long road away from 60s when brands would have to solely depend on the print industry and physical marketing strategies while promoting a product. Later things improved to expand the list to the television and radio industry. Nothing however seems to work better than Social Media in 2021.

Advertising your product or service on social media can prove to be highly beneficial for your brand. Keep reading to find out about the extensive benefits of relying on social media marketing.

  • Social media enhances brand awareness and recognition
  • Social media increases the rate of conversion for your business
  • Social media lowers marketing and advertising expenditure
  • Social media improves rankings on search engine
  • Social media strengthens client loyalty

Social media is not just a spoke on the wheel of marketing. It’s becoming the way entire bicycles are built.”

 Ryan Lilly, Author

Today, there is hardly anyone who does not know about the existence of social media platforms. A five year old could tell you all about going live on Facebook and no one would be surprised.

Knowledge about different social media platforms is common and creating a budget for your next Facebook ad is surely popular among brands but you know how you can make a difference?

Invest on the most effective forms of social media advertising in 2021 and reap the benefits of success that’s consistent. Here’s a list of seven effect types of social media advertising in 2021.

1.Influencer Marketing

A fairly new entry in marketing, influencer marketing has its roots in the concept of blogging. According to Forbes, influencer marketing has seen an increase in growth even better than digital advertisements, with an emphasis on targeting followers of industry leaders. Here are a few benefits of influencer marketing,

  1. Improves trust between brand and consumer
  2. Increases brand recognition
  3. Enhances brand’s content marketing strategy
  4. Provides an effective influence on brand’s targeted audience
  5. Promotes winning collaborations

2.Social Media Optimization

Before creating an elaborate social media marketing plan for your latest product launch, why not figure out what content performs better for your brand on social media. Sounds easy right? It’s a bit more complicated than it sounds.

This is where Social Media Optimization comes in! It helps you to find out what content your target audience is looking for and how to execute your social media strategy. This might sound very similar to getting SEO done but here your aim is to get the content in front of even more people!

3.Hashtag Marketing

When Twitter introduced hashtags to the world in 2007, the responses from users were fantastic but no one expected that hashtags would go on to become a very important digital marketing tool in the years to come.

The benefits of those ten to fifteen hashtags brands use while publishing any content on social media?

  • Improves SEO for the brand
  • Increases brand recognition
  • Use trends to the advantage of the brand
  • Promote brand in front of a bigger target audience

4.Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing are not really the same thing even though brands and consumers seem to get confused between the two at times. Social Media Marketing is an umbrella term for different forms of marketing that’s done through social media platforms, and both these are terms indeed related since content marketing heavily depends on social media.

It’s quite simple when you opt for content marketing, it involves publishing content for your brand on the web but in order to market the content you need social media. The blue links, the call to action buttons on blogs all lead back to the website or landing page of the brand, thereby getting targeted audience of the brand back to the website.

As a new brand in the market, these four types of social media advertising can work wonders. However, if you are curious about effective advertising tricks that can help your brand on social media, here are three tricks that can create magic!

5.Introduce Snapchat and Pinterest in your Advertising Plan

Yes, explore lesser-known social media platforms like Snapchat and Pinterest. For instance, on any given day, 41% of all 18-34 years old interact with Snapchat on a single day alone in the United States while Pinterest boasts a whopping 81% female consumer base. It’s time more brands explore these lucrative advertising opportunities.

6.Ads on Social Media

When you run a dedicated ad on social media for your brand, you are not only establishing a connection with your followers but also attracting new consumers towards your brand. These ads can help you to create a positive experience for new consumers with a great discount or offer on a completely new platform.

7.The Secret of LinkedIn Marketing

If you thought that LinkedIn was only meant for connecting with potential employers or employees then you are very much in the dark. Brands can also use this platform for promotional purposes as well as for connecting with a new target audience. Don’t forget that LinkedIn has almost 740 million users in the world and out of that 740 million, 55 million are registered companies.

“People influence people. Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend. A trusted referral influences people more than the best broadcast message. A trusted referral is the Holy Grail of advertising.”

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, Founder, Facebook

Social Media is growing and as it continues to grow, the influence of certain brands on consumers, continues to increase. It’s inevitable and it’s here to stay – more likely a modern example of ‘survival of the fittest’

Social Media Optimization: 8 Tips to Steal from SEOs

Social Media Optimization Tips

Leveraging the power of socials should be done on a priority basis. Traditional search engine optimization typically takes months for the results to be visible. However, if you put SMO to the mix, and work at it, the results are visible faster. Not only that, search engines would typically display your social media presence along with your website. That said, social media optimization also requires dedicated effort. Here are eight tips rounded up from top SEO services to boost your social media optimization.

  • Choose your crowd

Choose your social crowd. Do you want to be more active on Facebook than on Twitter? Or, is it the opposite for you? Each social site has its unique personality.

  1. Facebook allows a cool blending of personal and professional space, but the posts there have to be informal.
  2. If it’s too formal and professional, perhaps Linkedin will be your favorite field to perform.
  3. Instagram is similar to FB.
  4. Twitter is a microblogging site and posts there have to be witty and quirky to do well.
  5. Youtube deserves a special mention. It is a search engine, and social media platform rolled into one. In fact, it is the second largest search engine right after Google. When you search anything on Google, the search engine displays video results whenever they are available on Youtube. Although creating video content takes more time and effort, but the results are well worth the effort.

Of course, there is no rule that says that you have to limit yourself to any one social site. It’s up to you to leverage the maximum power of social media. You can have a fantastic Facebook page and a sharp Twitter account. You can make your presence visible on both Linkedin and Pinterest. The only thing you have to remember here is to remain active in whichever avenue you choose. You can also use social media management apps that make it easy to handle multiple accounts.

  • Have a good bio

This goes without saying, but it is still an often overlooked aspect of social networking. In your zeal to make attractive social media posts, you may forget that your bio is the most important introduction. Make it good.

  1. Include as much information about yourself as you can, and write it down in an interesting tone. It should elicit engagement with the audience right from the first.
  2. The bio should be able to generate value on your behalf, be free of grammatical errors, and work as your voice.
  3. Your bio presents a great opportunity for branding. Use it well. You can also use the text section of the bio to include a call-to-action. It always works.
  • Branding persona

Along with a bio, you will need a good profile pic, and in some cases, a cover photo. The usual practice is to use your brand logo as the profile photo. However, do not restrict your creativity when you are picking up social media logos. You can try something innovative, such as using a quote for your cover image. In the profile photo, if you are using the actual image of someone, make sure that it’s a good one.

  • Be regular with posts

Post regularly. You need to maintain a happening page. Remember that sites like FB have their own algorithm of displaying pages and posts in the timeline.

  1. As a general rule of thumb, the more active you are, the better are your chances to get featured on your viewer’s feed.
  2. The same rule of audience engagement applies on social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and +
  3. Maintain a healthy frequency of engaging posts, but avoid spamming.
  4. Three posts on a weekly basis should be good on Facebook. As for Twitter and Instagram, a little higher frequency is still acceptable. Just ensure that the posts add value to the feed of the viewer.
  5. Many companies also use user-generated posts as a part of their social media campaign. It’s a good idea, but it can backfire if the posts are not up to the mark. Don’t select a random post, and always make sure that it’s a good one.
  • Contests and Giveaways

Occasional contests and giveaways can generate a lot of interest in your social media optimization strategy. Make it interesting. People like to feel appreciated and rewarded. Use this sentiment of winning to your benefit. Contests can convert viewers to paying customers, generate interest in your brand, and create an active social presence. It is also a great chance to engage social media influencers. Here are the steps you should follow to run a successful contest campaign.

  1. Be specific about your goals
  2. Set your budget
  3. Select exciting prizes
  4. Decide on contest structure
  5. Decide the duration of the contest
  6. Be particular about the rules
  7. Be fair in selecting winners
  8. Analyze the results
  • Use visual imagery

Using visual imagery typically results in more engagement. People are naturally more attracted to images compared to plain text.

  1. This is an obvious strategy for photo-sharing platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr.
  2. However, you can use the images to make posts in Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin as well.
  3. Generate infographics regularly that you can share on your social profiles.
  4. Take it one step further by using memes. These always strike a chord with a large cross-section of users.
  • Be social

Being social is much more than making regular posts. Your social media footprint should include your audience all the time.

  1. Besides replying to comments on your posts, you should also comment on posts of others.
  2. Be generous with ‘liking’ posts made by your viewers.
  3. Share the posts whenever it is feasible.
  4. Follow people and retweet their posts on Twitter.
  5. Use the friend suggestions feature on Facebook to expand your customer base.
  6. Tag other people in your
  7. Use the messaging features whenever applicable. Build a close-knit community and keep your folks close.
  • Use hashtags

Don’t forget to use hashtags with your posts. However, you should maintain discretion regarding the number of hashtags.

  1. As a general rule of thumb, one to two hashtags are enough for FB and Twitter.
  2. You can be a little more liberal with IG, but try to keep it under ten.

Hashtags are vital search engine optimization parameters. Use them wisely.

  • Use it for analysis

You can find a ton of tools delivering social media metrics. These tools provide vital insights for the SEO of a company. Not only do they provide a clear idea of what works on your socials, but they can also help with on page SEO. Social media metrics that are available for analysis include the following.

  1. User metrics
  2. When to make posts
  3. Performance of different posts
  4. Competitor analysis
  • Conclusion:

A competent SEO agency can handle your social media involvement easily. Choosing a good agency can make all the difference when you click that social media icon. While you decide on the right service, make sure to discuss your goals clearly. See how your preferred service can provide you with the visibility you need on search engines. It is a highly competitive arena, but the proper execution of SMO strategies mentioned here are sure to show results.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising: What is PPC & How does it work?

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Advertising has evolved in the last few decades, increasingly so. Now everywhere you turn, you will find some brand is advertising their product or service in some way or the other. It could be through conventional means like hoardings, Kiosks, vehicles, or even through television, radio, and the print industry, but like every other thing, advertising could no longer remain this simple.

If you think about it, the advertising industry had reached its peak in the 1980s after a successful run through the 60s and 70S with creative copywriting taking a major front seat as a career option – AMC’s Madmen plays homage to this lucrative world of advertising. Whenever a new device was invented, this industry made profits out of it.

“Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch from saving time.”

As the internet came into the picture somewhere in the 80s, agencies decided it was time they experimented with this innovation. And what a great experiment because twenty years later, the internet is advertising’s best friend, and digital marketing is a great career option. Now there are so many ways you can advertise your brand digitally – from running paid campaigns on social media to depending on paid google ads, the scope of digital marketing is growing only bigger.

Most of us are familiar with paid social media campaigns – you know, the ones that keep popping up while you are checking out storyboards or directly on your newsfeed but did you know about PPC? Let’s find out!

“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.”

 What is PPC?

 It is practically impossible to ignore those ads that appear consistently alongside search results on any search engine like Google – this is exactly what PPC advertising is all about. If you are already confused, then keep reading to find out more about the mind-boggling world of digital advertising!

PPC or Pay-Per-Click is a digital advertising model that asks advertisers to pay the host of the platform every time a user clicks on the ad online. This means that you will be buying visits to your site rather than attempting to increase traffic on your site organically. The purpose of the clicked ad is to lead the user who has clicked to the advertiser’s website where the user can indulge in completing a profitable action like purchasing a product or availing a service.

Host platforms can be of different types, but the most popular?

Search engines are the most popular host platforms because of the simple reason that these platforms allow advertisers to place ads that are relevant to what users are searching for on the platform. Biggies like Google Ads and Microsoft Ads even operate with RTB, that is, real-time bidding through which advertising inventory is sold to the highest bidder in a private automated auction using real-time data.

How does PPC work?

You must be wondering how PPC works and what about all the competition amongst various ads to appear alongside search results? How do you determine which ad is more relevant? Do you pay more?

Keep reading to find out!

For any ad to appear alongside search results on any search engine, advertisers can’t just pay extra to enable better performance for their ad than competing ads. This is where RTB comes in to determine the relevance and validity of all advertisements that appear on search engines.

 So what is the most important element in this process?

Yes, welcome to the power of keywords! What are Keywords? According to Wikipedia, “Keywords are the words and phrases that people type into search engines to find what they’re looking for.”

For instance, if you wanted to buy a leather jacket, you would type “women’s leather jacket” on Google and wait for the search results. Despite “women’s leather jacket” being a phrase consisting of more than once, it’s still known as a Keyword.

Anyone from the SEO industry will refer to this kind of phrase as search queries on Google due to unfamiliarity with this kind of terminology. However, keywords are important because your website can show up when people type them on search engines. For instance, if you type “logo designing agency,” we pop right up!

Keywords & PPC: A love story

Keep reading to witness the unfolding of a digital love story.

  • For instance, your company specializes in logo designing. So a user wanting to get a new logo for his startup might enter the keyword “logo designing” into a search engine to find agencies offering this service.
  • The user submits his query; the search engine begins the complicated process involving algorithms and calculations on which the ad auction is based upon. This step ensures which ads will be displayed, in what order, and by which advertiser.
  • Remember that you have to pay for every click on your ad. Keeping that in mind, bid for only those keywords relevant to your brand, ensuring a return from your investment on the ad expenditure.
  • Look for Keyword tools that will help you find the perfect keywords to bid on – the kind that drives both traffic as well as conversions and, on top of that, cost-effective.

Benefits of PPC:

PPC marketing might seem to be a small player in the big picture but find out about the benefits before making such assumptions,

–      Highly cost-effective

–      Generates instant traffic

–      Ensures warm leads

–      Not affected by changes in the algorithm

–      Enhances the brand’s SEO strategy

–      Enables retargeting

–      Provides an opportunity to directly advertise to consumers within the target audience of the brand

–      Local as well as global advertising opportunities

–      Enhances social media strategy of the brand with well-researched user data

–      Ensures a positive ROI or return of investment

More and more brands today are taking advantage of the enriching benefits of Pay-per-click advertising, reaching new audiences and driving higher revenues in the process.

So what are you waiting for? Visit for more information today.