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Walking Promotions: 4 Ways t-shirts Can Advertise Your Brand


In present digital world, you can think the old school of promotion process doesn’t hold weight. But a review conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) on the demographics of branded T-shirts it provided that clothing is an amazing way to promote your business to wide recognition. The study also showed t-shirts were the most popular item to impact youngsters (21 to 34 age).

So here are some of the ways how you can end with a successful promotional process through t-shirts:

Show Your Commitment to Your Brand

T-shirts are an outstanding way to focus on your commitment towards your brand. If you have a physical shop, it depends on walk-in customers, and t-shirts can help them to quickly locate a staff member. It also a great way to present your message that you do care about the brand’s outward impression.

Reinforce Teamwork

When your staff will take part in team-building efforts inside or outside the workplace, a branded t-shirt can infuse the spirit of loyalty among employees. While you organize a lunch for the staff or employees recognizing their hard work, you can provide them with your branded t-shirts that will make people understand you care for them and will be grassroots advertising.

Strengthen Your Community

Do you participate in community-building events like fundraisers, athletic, exhibitions? You can always show you commitment in building relationships among local people and businesses. If you partner with other local businesses near to your location to boost youth events, local athletics, a and brand becomes well recognized for its endeavor.

Increase Your Exposure

How much will it expense you for a billboard advertisement? Probably it will cost you much more than a branded t-shirts for staff. Brand t-shirts are a cost-efficient way to improve your company’s exposure and increase awareness about your brand. People go to various places and many circles of society – business, community, arts and recreational and so on. T-shirt means where one goes wearing it your brand gets promoted and the investment being very less as compared to the boost it provides to your business.

So when you’re looking to boost recognition of a new brand, increase exposure for an established business, build team spirit, or help customers identify staff members, branded t-shirts provide the cost-effective solution you need.

What Is Google’s Maccabees Update And What Are Impacts?

Google's Maccabees

Recently it has been a talk in the world of SEO about the latest algorithm change by Google and it has been confirmed December 12th and it is named as Maccabees Update. Though previously marketers seemed confused about the impact it has and with various prevailing rumors about the purpose, it was directed for. Some had the opinion that it affected affiliate sites, others are saying this is specific to e-commerce websites such as category structure, yet another set saying it as a bug with the algorithm showing bad quality sites. A lot of assumptions are hovering around.

After a lot of speculations let’s take a look at Google’s Maccabees update (previously called Fred)?

The update rolled didn’t have a formal name, so it was named Fred. But Barry Schwartz named it Maccabees in acceptance of Hanukkah and the was followed by all the digital market experts.

What does this update actually do?

The core algorithm changes can be various, some of the expectations are:
Algorithms that finds the relevance factor of a search query to a website
To see the change in how a link to a website should score. That is, some links start with counting less or other links can count more. This can end in re-ranking of some kind of sites. Websites that are based on one link can be assailable if that type is devalued.
Focus can be on the page content scoring. For instance, if someone searches for any informational content, in that case, commercial sites may be considered irrelevant.

What is the update all about and what are the impacts?

The first evident result of the Maccabees update was seen on December 12 and the impact is not vast. The report of evidence provided that many affiliate category website is affected by it. Normal e-commerce websites have not been impacted on the same level but some have marked a drop in traffic, but e-commerce sites appear to be less to that effect.

It is alluring to know updates to the core algorithm as targeting a definite type of site. Though, according to Googles spokesperson, these updates are done to enhance relevancy. Hence, from the above-discussed matter, improvements to on-page or off-page relevance signals, and probably both.

Here are some of the hovering conceptions and counterarguments:

Maccabees update is connected to mobile-first: this hypothesis has been overruled as some have reported that their websites are responsive and others have said they have not observed any increase in Google’s mobile bot.

Desktop visibility impacted more than mobile visibility: this is an engrossing hypothesis but some have said the opposite.

5 Expert Tips For Creating Impressive Logo Design

Logo Design

To create an appealing logo design a proper amalgamation of design skills, creative theory and deft application. Any design expert worth their salt can design an apt-for-purpose logo but to master the complete technique takes time. Though logo design is a small part of the branding process, but is the prime aspect as its the brand face or centerpiece of a brand.

Talking to industry experts about the detailing of logo designing and what are the features that makes logo perfect for the purpose. Here are some of the tips that will help you to enhance your branding effort starting from the research, in different phases of logo crafting and finally application of the logo.

Understand your competition

Even before you start drafting the concept of the logo make sure that you know your target audience well. You must take information about the contenders to begin with. Analyse all the close competitive sets and try to know the trend. Well, we can see in most of the cases of a popular logo design eschewing the trends and thinking out of box has made it a hit.

Ask the right questions

Creating an effective strategy is getting eminent to the branding process. When applying practically you will have to start from asking relevant questions like:

Why are we here?
What do we do, and how do we do it?
What makes us different?
What’s our personality?

Stay flexible during the process

Once you are ready with the strategy it in no way means you can’t add or modify it for better results. As per Johnson, the process can be two-way street. Sometimes the strategies that seems proper as a concept fail to be effective in practicality when visualized, so it is okay that you input some changes and keep it flexible for the better adaptability.

Respect a brand’s heritage

“It’s vital to put your ego to one side and not dismiss designs created by others – and in doing so consider evolution as well as revolution,” argued North co-founder Stephen Gilmore in an essay in Computer Arts issue 259.

Keep it mind that logo is just one element

According to Bruce Duckworth and Mark Bonner (Brand Impact Awards judges) logo design is inevitably the first thing too be noticed different strategies can have different touch points can be used in any format, it is only a part of the branding. Keeping account of this in mind you can create a logo with required versatility and flexibility.

Trending Book Cover Designs For 2018

Book Cover Designs

An enticing book cover is always helpful in attracting the viewers. It must have the features or properties that can reveal and connect to the content in it. Though like every graphical aspect undergoes certain changes and some elements or design techniques acquire people’s as well as industry experts’ preferences creating trends. Likewise, the coming year is also going to have some styles that can appeal people better and reach the popularity.

The ingenuous trending book cover designs for 2018 that will be dominating:

Bold typography

Loud, attention-seeking fonts have been trending since last few years and give no signs of losing popularity. The most of the space available on a cover page is utilized by the text in the use of bold typography. Capitalized alphabets actually scream at the lookers in a distinct way to be appealing to them – sometimes the complete title. A famous author Jonathan Safran Foer is well known for choosing typographic covers. The style is evolving and in 2018 the refinement it has undergone is in place of clean typography, keep an eye for organic touches from print, such as brushstroke letters and also we can see the use of obfuscate portions of text with a different pattern.

Minimalist covers

Minimalist cover designs subtly claim attention. On the other end of the subject, designers are shunning the busy look and preferring to create something quite yet functionally minimalist cover designs. This style is not engaging in bigger letters and patterns but emphasizes on a single element and allow it to get the focus.

Hand-drawn covers

This is the revolutionary idea that is making way through the running year to 2018. It engulfs a great range of covers from novels to children’s book, illustrated covers have been rampantly used since last year. Approaching year can see a bent away from the intense girly, floral designs to an encompassing of cool and edgy, androgynous trend.

The seventies and eighties designs

The styles of 70’s and 80’s are again in popularity. It brings back the memories of the past with nostalgia when things were simpler. TV’s were overrun with the shows and book covers also reflected that. 2018 will again give us back the past essence of fonts, color selections, and images. Large 70’s fonts, like Rage and Goodbye Vitamin, seems general in the modern bookshelf as from 1976.

Millennial Pink

Millennial pink is a well-accepted term for the present kind of muted pinks in the dusty or greyed rose family that has been chosen by the internet-savvy brands from the past few months. While you can well observe that it is unavoidable to surf the internet, millennial pink has spread its reach to the book cover arena too, specifically those geared to women.

5 Vital Questions To Ask While You Opt For A Professional Logo


Outstanding logos are recognized even at a single glance and they possess features to be memorable too. Examples like Nike’s swoosh and Apple’s a bite taken apple is eye-catching. Both the brands have the logo designs that are unique and consistently work as a potential logo should: provides innovation, stands out in the crowd, most prominently intrigues customers which leads to sales.

We are all aware of some iconic logos, but we are not aware of how are they created. The complete process of conceptualization to the final point there are various steps to be considered and when you go for a professional service for it, you must ask them about these:

How many types of logos are there?

Generally, there are four types –

Wordmarks – As the name suggests it only with different patterns of words like multi-letter abbreviation logotypes. Some examples can be more explaining Ebay, Google, and IBM

Letterform – These logos include a single letter. Example Honda, Uber, and McDonald’s.

Pictorial Logo – this form of logo generally have illustrated symbols of known things. Examples – Twitter and Starbucks.

Abstract Logo – they actually don’t represent anything otherwise recognizable, just as an abstract art. The best example can be the Logo of Nike.

What is the type of logo that will be best for my company?

The most difficult part is there is no fixed type of logo that will work for every industry type. What will suit completely depends on the name and message you want to convey through it seen through the designer’s eye. For instance, if your company name is a smaller one, a wordmark logo can serve the purpose better, like eBay. The abstract form of the logo makes the name memorable for the customers.

What are the important points of business that my logo should convey?

The logo – its color, design, shape – all should evoke an essence of your brand and convey what your is all about. Wheeler says “When people look at it, they should get a feel for your brand personality and your distinctive point of view.” They should recognize that you are a level up and different from the other contenders.
Amazon’s logo has “a” to “z” with an arrow below which implies a smile and as they provide everything so it’s a to z.

What are the suiting colors?

Color is eminently important. According to the industry experts, it is better not use the same colors as the closest competitors do for their logos. Use different color tones for giving psychological punches. Like red in KFC’s logo signifies hot and spicy food, yellow is happiness, energy and can be used for the health-related companies.

What fonts should I consider?

The fonts are also a significant element in a logo. Selecting a fancy logo can’t serve the purpose but must be easily readable from a distance too. None likes to squint while looking at the logo so the size and shape of the font mater. For example, a law firm which is related honor-ability, justice, and can be described best with bold fonts and for toy company or candy shop playful fonts can be very viewer engaging.

Why Opt A Flat Design For Your Computer Company Logo

Company Logo

As the other aspects, technological advancement has also influenced the field of graphic design. With developing gadget technology, the evolving forms, and principles of user interface design and connectivity types, the graphic design has also developed to get an all-inclusive nature. And one of this upgradation can be seen in form of flat design and undoubtedly stepped into logo design trends too.

Let’s see it through the industry that has utilized the trend for remarkable results, computer companies. Flat design something so amazing in terms of designing it is difficult to ignore. It has a great presence and has all the required elements that can aid designers to select it for a logo design preferably. In the course of time, people have increasingly connected flat design with gadget and technology and for obvious reasons, the set of graphics is used in computer logos. As logos are the representation of what the brand does, so flat design really approaches to serve the best.

A small note on flat design

Flat design achieved popularity in the web designing arena in the year 2012. A flat design is simply a design pattern that doesn’t use any 3D or glossy effects and repudiates whatever gives a realistic look and feel. Whereas, it beholds features like getting the concept crisp, clear and clean. In this sense, you can think it as the improved version of a minimalist design. The charisma and charm of flat design is its clarity, simplicity yet the immense power to convey the thing with much ease.

Flat Logos Vs Skeuomorphic Logos

Flat design logos are just the converse of Skeuomorphism or realism. Skeuomorphism is the design pattern where all components act as a metaphor and resemble a real-life illustration. Although, both Skeuomorphism and flat design used by computer companies for logos the later one is trending now. Realism style gives a 3 dimensional or raised look to the logo design, but the flat design is just the opposite it will have no extra detailing, no ornamental features, we can say no use of gloss.

Benefits of flat for computer brand logo

Flat design gives a clean look and feel

Not only flat design logos are uncomplicated to look at but is also more memorable. Our mind always perceives simpler designs better and this the reason flat style us advantageous while simplicity is one of the basic principles of logo designing.

Flat logos can suit with various branding components

your computer logo will require great versatility as it must be apt to be represented on billboards, stationery, brochures and sometimes infographics. So, while designing scalability is a prime factor to look for and flat design enables the needed versatility. It has breathable white space and clear look and can be customized for all the branding campaigns.
Facilitates to create bold statement with colors

As flat design allows additional design elements, they necessarily depend on colors to create an impression. It means flat design enables you to experiment with unusual hues. This can be a great advantage you can nail it with the help of bold colors.

Logo with flat design is Responsive

Yet another benefiting factor with versatility flat logo design is that it will be perfect for viewing on mobile devices. This makes it clear that it has high scalability which is another significant factor for a professional logo. It is apt to be viewed on mobile devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Some Of The Most Motivating Logo Designs For 2018

Logo Designs

The predictions and assumptions have already started pouring in and as we are living in a branding oriented world, the changing trends impact the upcoming future logo designs. The logo designing industry experts suggests some rules or simple principles on how the design techniques will vary for good. As per the experts, there are maximum chances that minimalism will be trending in simple designs in the approaching year but of course with a twist of advancement.

So now let’s take a sneak peek at the cool stuff of the upcoming year stores regarding logo designs:

Animated Logos/Moving Visuals
We are not at all wrong if we say that animated logos will be swaying the trend on the year 2018 in terms design. Pondering why most of the brands are choosing for moving visuals in logo design? The funda is simple, their adaptability which can make all most any logo design that can be made to a catchy design with animation technique. It is quite possible that potential audiences will get to see a lot of logos designed as GIFs. An additional advantage is they have increased user engagement benefit for your website.

Digital Paintbrush Trend

Now, another hottest logo trends adorned with all the needed weapons to capture the contemporary territories of logo designing. The plus point is that we are no more only limited to old brushes of Photoshop. Digital paint brushes are advanced, more versatile and have the functionality of creating a more natural effect. Many of the graphics experts have already started creating appealing lettering’s and logos for the organizations.

Letter stacking

Letter-stacked logos are seen very less and there is a bright chance that of getting trending in the coming year. It is a process where fonts and alphabets become the most significant aspect of the branding. An example can make it clear, the logo of Film Independent and New York City Ballet have the letters stacked with designated lines to a particular set of words.

Custom/Hand Lettering

When it comes to logo design trends and techniques, nobody can overlook the typography trends to look forward to. In the recent years, there’s been a sharp increase in the popularity of hand lettering as it caters to sleek minimalism, simplicity, and class, all at the same time.

Custom/Hand Lettering

When it comes to logo design trends and techniques, nobody can overlook the typography trends to look forward to. In the recent years, there’s been a sharp increase in the popularity of hand lettering as it caters to sleek minimalism, simplicity, and class, all at the same time.For example, the logo redesign of Madame Tussauds is done by artist Alison Carmichael to freshen up the logo as a part of the more digital-focused rebrand of the wax figure house.

“It needed to still feel like the old Madame Tussauds logo but just a more current version,” says Alison. “The whole thing needed a refresh, simplifying the forms, a bit more weight and just streamlining so that it feels more up to date.”

3 Simple Points To Be Considered For Creating Corporate Logo

Corporate Logo

There are many big companies out on the market that is doing very well. When you have a look at their corporate logo design, what are the things that capture your attention?


Most of the major corporations in the world that are very well-known would have a professional logo design. And most of these corporate logos are very simple when you look at the way they have been designed. These huge corporations know that in order to lead the pack, they must have a very good logo design that the general public out there is able to identify and recognize. Let’s take for example Pepsi, the soft drink company. They had their old logo re-designed about 11 times. Talk about keeping your image fresh! Yet any time when people see a Pepsi logo, they would immediately know what their product is. The same goes for a well-known competitor which has also changed and refreshed their company logo but no matter where you go, people will instantly know the giant soft drink maker by just looking at the logo and it’s trademark red color. And mind you, both of these companies have a very simple logo but their marketing has been amazing in promoting their product.

Easy To Read

Another element that is important when it comes to having a professional logo design is that the logo itself must be easy to read by anyone out there. No point having a logo that is not easily readable. Avoid small fonts or complicated fonts as the idea of a corporate logo design is for people to be able to read and identify with your company no matter where they are easy. So it is always important that if people cannot make sense of your logo design, they should still be able to read what your company name is. That is why huge companies like Intel, Dell, and Google keep their design simple and yet promote their company name with their company logo.

Must Project Company Image

And like all these huge corporations like Microsoft and McDonalds, it is important that their company logo projects the right corporate image as well. Color also plays a difference in how a company logo is able to project the setting. For example, some companies could change their company logo color during certain holiday seasons to reflect the time of the year or occasion to mark some significance. During St. Patrick’s Day, for example, some companies could change their logo color to green to celebrate the event. But no matter what the season is, the important thing is that a company logo must project the proper company image.

So if huge corporations are thinking of having a re-branding exercise, they will need to consider these 3 important elements when it comes to having their corporate logo re-designed or refreshed.

Simple Web-Blog Optimization For Improved SEO Results


Is your blog performance is up to the mark? Is it getting the traffic as per its potential? If no then just keep on reading to get useful information to make your blog attractive and traffic-inviting.

It seems every enterprise has its blog at present. And to be true, very less among them can completely capitalizing the contents as in terms of better SEO rankings. So let’s focus on the points that can be implemented to enhance the blog performance that shows in SEO results:

Select a persuasive name for your blog

It is really annoying to see the website’s blog title as ‘blog’. The marketers or SEO experts must be innovative and descriptive when selecting the blog title of the website. It is also a tool for optimization. You can ask yourself the these:

  • What’s the theme of the blog?
  • What can I create a persuasive title for my industry?
  • What can help me to reach the target audience?
  • Can I use SEO keywords in the title?

When you can think of a title that can satisfy all these criteria then the name can be incremental for the SEO ranking. An example can make it clearer, you are a girls apparel online retailer and “An apparel blog”, but it is not appropriate for it at all, whereas when you name it Trending girls apparels updates blog will be much impactful. As your target audience are the girls and they like to know the trends and select the wearable that’s the latest in style.

Become preference for potential customers with every post

When the topics selected to write the post can interest the target audience or if it contains some information that they will like to know the specific keywords placed organically. For instance, if you offer marketing services, you can create a post on a recent topic prevailing in the industry.

You should create user-friendly URLs
URL is an important aspect of every post, many or the SEO persons include each word of the title in the URL. This can make it too long, which can be annoying but it should be descriptive but should be short and apt too.

Example of Long and boring URL:
Example of Shorter, optimized URL:

Include optimized images & videos
Images do it much better, that is the topic, service or the information you want to convey in front of the audience can be easily conceived by them with the help of correct images or a video. They are really beneficial for SEO process and always remember to put the exact descriptive alt tags.

Profit with social media sharing

There are various advantages that can be obtained through sharing your post on social media platforms. Which are like:

Makes the audience about your active presence online.

  • You can engage more and more audience
  • Social signals are an influencing factor in ranking algorithm and it better SEO results
  • These shares links on these platforms can invite maximum traffic.

So after designing a great post ensuring proper optimization always share it on the social sites with an interesting and catchy sentence that can brief about the post.

Raster vs Vector – Which Is Better For Logo?


Though they are technical terms related design but are not so complex as they may sound. You might have come across these terms if you have anything to do with logo designing. Do you still feel confused about the two concepts often, so here is the place where you can get the clear idea of both from a designers aspect and both astride. And if you are into logo designing industry you must know these intricately. If you create it for startup company or even if you are a newbie in this domain the concepts explained in the following section of the write-up. Now after having said a lot about its requirements let’s get to it.

Logo files
For crafting a good logo that has a scalability you have to know both the image formats as print and digital both the aspects are significant. One is Vector and the other one is bitmap. It can be debated on why will we call pixel-based files bitmap and here lies all the confusion, to be precise, pixel-based images are known as raster images while bitmap is a Microsoft proprietary format. Many times, you would need to convert one format to the other. Changing a vector based image into a vector one is called rasterizing. And this is what raster is, and now let’s take a close look on how it it done.

How to Convert vector image to raster
Maximum designing software applications – for example Adobe Illustrator have a “save as” or “export” feature. You can easily export the vector file as a pixel-based file. Editing the image resolution through keeping the pixel-per-inch at a correct level. For the web purpose and commonly it would be 72 – your selected color space is right for where you want to put it, in this way you can change any logo file of vector format to pixel-based file.

Vectorizing a bitmap image.
A bitmap image detail get pixelated when enlarge or near viewer is taken to make it look accurate we turn it to vector. It can be done by changing pixels from bitmapped image or logo to a bunch of vectorized squares. Even without being an designing expert to understand the distorted look of an enlarged bitmap image. Till you are equipped with any Illustrator robot plug-in that can be used for all the AI, it is pretty difficult to convert bitmap to vector image.

So this is it. The basic difference among rater and vector image, this also justifies the popularity of vector images for the logo designing over raster images. Now promotional campaigns are not only restricted to digital but print is also a part and the logo being the face of a brand must have the versatile along with quality. Various companies offer affordable logo design packages for vector logo designing with an extra edge to surpass the contenders.

Social Media Content Can Actually Give You Great Monetary Benefits

Social Media

Sometimes you feel investing time in promoting your website blog through social media is useless? Or you are not getting enough advantages like other marketing efforts? The real scenario is not so. More than 70% of online users remain connected to some of the social media to know various information about brands.

At present, more than half of the marketers who are active on the social platforms for increasing sales. Moreover, 41% of small or local use this medium to boost sales.

Let’s look at the probable reasons behind the unsuccessful endeavor:

According to a survey made by the marketers provide that some businesses fail to attain sales due to some misconception. As they have a notion that posting regularly or updating some promotional text is enough to make people opt for the final sale.

Some of the points that can help in driving revenue through this social media boil down to these three steps:

  • Understanding the target audience
  • Quick response, solution to queries
  • Using both organic and paid ways

Necessity to choose a niche

The business owners or online marketers should select a proper niche to thrive the business. That is, the content should address the target audience and the information you provide in the blog post or other content that can convey the brand message. For instance, people who like non-veg food will not be interested in the blog based on vegan food item whereas many will be interested. So you have to tailor the content in a way that will be used or one of the group.

Process to monetize social media

You can use this platform to obtain sign-ups for your email marketing campaign. You can introduce a discount on first sign-up or you can enable them to sign up through Facebook. You might consider affiliate marketing, where you partner with a social influencer who has an audience that would benefit from your product. If your interests align, the person or group will drive traffic to your site and get a percentage of the sales you make.

Lead generation

Most of the social networks work well for generating leads and filling your sales funnel. This is especially true for B2Bs. Look for third-party tools developed for lead generation on specific social platforms. For example, Socedo is a Twitter lead generation tool.

Helping You To Do Keyword Research – A Guide

Keyword Research

It is not anymore essential to persuade you top know the eminence of the keywords in the ranking process so is the most impactful factor for the marketing success. While Google keeps the marketers on toes by rolling out updates in the algorithm, keyword research is the only optimizing process that is constant.

Here are some interesting observation and guidelines that would help you out in process which will in order benefit the complete SEO. You can find many of such online articles it’s not that they are wrong but there is no universal rule of doing keyword research.

  • It varies on the basis of the following points:
  • The website authority, content type, pages so on
  • Your target and goals (branding, visibility, traffic, sales)
  • The budget, resources, and target-time
  • The industry type and competitive scenario

So it sometimes becomes difficult to follow the guidelines for all the projects. Let’s start to evaluate an approach.

Start with seed keywords
Seed keywords are the basis of the keyword research. They make your niche and gives you the correct idea of the competitors. When you want to improve your business visibility online, seed keywords is simple as writing about the products your own and think how other users would search for the specific product you want to promote. For example, you want to launch Gizmo accessories. The simple keywords that would generally come to your mind can be:

  • Gizmo accessories
  • gadgets by Gizmo
  • Gizmo add-ons

You might be thinking it is so simple, right? But while you about to start an affiliate website, and you are not sure about which niche or what products to promote? This can be daunting but these two approaches mentioned below can be guiding

‘Monetization first’ approach
Begin with using available monetization methods. Choose a product or any offer that you think is proper, then think of the searches that a user can use in the query on Google. You can take the example of Amazon, it has a strong affiliate program, so you only need to browse through till you get a matching category that you are interested to promote. Then review the product type or the product that you use and check whether you can go for the affiliate.

‘Niche down’ approach
You can begin with broad keywords and sort niche down till you find an interesting opportunity. For this approach, you should consider longer yet specific keywords.

Create some keyword ideas
Though you have the seed keywords but its only the pick of keyword research process. Then you have to create a vast list of relevant keyword ideas along with you get an in-depth understanding of your niche.

Use keyword research tools
Use the Google AdWords Keyword Planner to cut down your keyword list. And you are done with the final list of the most relevant keywords for your venture.

Great graphic design hacks – turn into a Pro-designer in a day

Graphic Design

While designing an image have you ever thought “man… if I could have the expertise to craft this picture to Wow!” It is okay, we all have been there some time or other.

Now it is not Achilles’ heel to add the creative finesse to the graphic design and we are here to help you in this task. Just read on for simple hacks to make your design to amazing.

Team Contrasting Fonts

Deciding which fonts look good paired and which doesn’t is a big question. And it is one of the most significant aspects that stumps people who are new to the field of designing. There is an accepted thumb rule that selecting fonts with high contrast gels well as this creates a perfect balance to look at the image while still defining a major feature in the design. For example – the font ‘Sifonn’ with Font ‘Arvo’ for giving the amazing look to it.

Select complementing colors for your design

Creating proper color tuning is next important level to make your design remarkable. A simple way to give your design the required harmony is to implement complementing colors in the graphics components. Like fonts with a background that can draw the audiences focus towards the text, making it look great. You can select the perfectly suiting color with the help of color picking tool and will provide the hex code (6 digit code that supports to find the proper color from the color wheel).

Apply Grids for images

The layout with grids look great and is preferred by the audiences according to trends and they give the image corporate effects. 3 to 4 images in the same grid creates an attractive composition.

Use of transparent icons
Though you decide to use a background or select some colors and textures to create it in a customized way, there are several ways that you can experiment. While you create an application icon you should have in mind that it can be displayed on a desktop with any background and for the icon that glass transparency components, then make them really well transparent.

Illustrate information with signs and symbols

With a small text often without it, the symbols and icons can accomplish the purpose of conveying. From designing an infographic to an innovative text holder, this is a great idea to think out of the box.

Crop images to increase the copy space

copy space here means the blank areas in the images. While you look for background images, choose one that offers lot of copy space that can be used to overlay text.

Cartoon logo may not be perfect for every venture

Cartoon Logo

But it can be boon for some business types. Cartoon logos may not be suitable for everyone or every enterprise but can be a boon for the some of them. And when they are utilized must be created meticulously for the target audience and referring to the theme of the corporate existence.

Where cartoon logos are not apt? Say for example, if a bank has a cartoon character as its label or brand mark, it is obvious that it hardly will resonate the main features of it which are reliability. While some financial agencies utilize mascot design as sub-brand elements for collateral marketing. Whereas for some businesses it is the completely an appropriate option, specifically when you try to depict the unorthodox themes and concepts. And even in the case of promoting for a specific group of audience like children items.

  1. Benefits of character logos
  2. They can give a lively effect
  3. can be placed in variously to describe different aspects of the brand
  4. They can be given the shape of mascots & made memorable for the target audience.

Some of the famous examples will make you understand the usability and potential of professionally crafted cartoon design:


Johnny’s Pest Cartoon Logo

This is a simple brand in the pest control business. The flat design in three colors can be economically scalable like can be printed. The mouse with the mark of danger or can be guessed as a symbol of prohibition makes it clear that will not allow the pastes.


Ghostbusters logo

A famous cartoon logo: the Ghostbusters’ the all known ghost character used with the sign of forbidding. The logo was actually crafted by one of the producers of the film.


Social Media Examiner’s logo

The unusual yet great cartoon logo is of Social Media Examine. It has a cute boy trying discover with big magnifying glass in his hands symbolizing professionalism and adroitness in the social marketing domain.


Uncle Crabby’s cartoon logo

This was created with amazing sea motives, so it represents an innocent crab character with the captain’s cap on and was a perfect selection for their selling their seafood.


Wendy’s Logo

Yet another renowned brand running since 1960 uses a face of a small girl. The cute faced girl with pigtails was created with design of a collar making the word “mom”. The essence it wanted to evoke was the goodness of the home-cooked food. Brilliant right?

After discussing few of the interesting cartoon logo designs it might seem to you these logos do have some enticing power in them to lure the targeted audience. Not only that cartoon illustration logos are suitable for evoking a humorous appeal, that people love to see. Some of industries like Apparel or T-shirt, sports, toys, food, real-estate and more.

Advanced Website Design – your business window for the global audience

Website Design

A website is your online shop that must have answers to all the queries that customers can ask when they visit your store, physically. This is the only way to get maximum sales. The website design is the integral thing to make the customers journey easy and satisfying. Simple layout, proper navigation, categorization and fast page loading are the basics that will hold your the visitor long on your website. People often search and shop with the help of different mobile devices, that we all know, so it’s needless to say the website must be responsive to increase the click rate, conversion and leads.

Custom website design is the appropriate way to bring out all the highlight-able points about your company. UI and UX design can improve the user-experience at the same time making your website likable for the search engine (Google). Complicated navigation menu can confuse the website visitors compelling them to leave your site and look for an easy one. So it necessary that you direct the customers properly through the navigation for initiating them for the final buy.

Expert website designers implement User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) to give the customers effortless, intuitive and appealing experience when they come to your website. This will also give you loyal customers. UX is the process a visitor interacts with and used a service or item. While User Interface is something nearing the visual design. An example can make the point clear, if we consider UI design to be a tool to eat a bowl of cornflakes with a spoon, then UX design is the process of putting the cornflakes in the bowl and using a spoon to have it. Both have distinct uses in enhancing the website performance and knowing this will help you to understand the significant advantages it can offer to your business, like great customer service.

As per the report by Time Now, 55% of web surfers spend less than 15 seconds on a site. This makes it clear that to grab the attention of the web visitor you have to show the services you present and explains them, why they should choose your brand. As you have a very small opportunity to expose your product and services to your customers, you have to be meticulous on any little chance you get, and this is aspect, where UX can work magically. For running a business good there are three fundamental concepts: be useful services, be usable and be enjoyable. These are the points that you need to consider while creating the UX end of your website.

Now, let’s talk about UI design. Like User Experience is completely about how you can use something, UI design is the process that structures the using and experience. It is the design or graphics that steals your glances through a web visual or magazine, the technology that helps you to apply filters to the pictures that you post in Instagram, or in toolbar for a client email making it quickly accessible for replying, forwarding or even constructing an email.

Impactful UI design must be elegant and great in look and feel, but also it should be simple, orderly, and ageless. The three main principles that you need to consider for User Interface are: be simple as much as required, be consistent and try for a design that looks timeless.